A Year In The Word

In 2017, we’re doing something we’ve never done before: Reading through the entire Bible, together, as one church. It all starts January 1.

Read Along with Us

There are three ways you can read along with us:

  1. Download the Seacoast app and click on the Bible tab. No matter what day you start on, the app will pick up on the correct scripture for our Seacoast reading plan.

  2. Download The Seacoast App

  3. Read along with us using YouVersion. If you already use the Bible app, you can click here to access our reading plan for 2017.

  4. Download The YouVersion App

  5. Download a print version of the reading plan.

  6. Download A PDF Of The Reading Plan

Follow on Social Media

Each week, Seacoast pastors will be diving into scripture from our reading plan and sharing their thoughts on the week’s reading. Follow along on Facebook to hear these insights and be a part of the conversation.