The Least Likely

Bible Reference: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8 (NIV)

Devotional Content:

Isn’t it funny how God tends to call the least likely people to accomplish his plans? Gideon, David, Mary—even Jesus—they all seemed to be the least capable for succeeding at what God had called them to. Gideon was the least of the least of his people, and yet God chose him to drive out the Midianites with an army of just 300. David was a shepherd boy whom God ordained the King of Israel. Mary was a young girl engaged to a carpenter. She had no status, fame, or fortune, just a heart for God. But God chose her to birth the Savior of all time and history.

And then there’s Jesus, God’s finest example of using the least likely to accomplish his plans. It would have made much more sense to use King Herod to be God-incarnate, rather than an obscure carpenter’s son from No-where-ville. Herod had the ear of the people. He had the platform, the influence, the power, and the authority as king over all the land. But he did not have a heart for God. Jesus, on the other hand, had nothing but the heart of God, and through his humble existence he began a powerful grass roots movement. He didn’t draw people to himself because he glittered or shined. People were drawn to Jesus because they were hungry for truth, not position. Jesus kept his ministry as far from the celebrity platform as possible, so there was never any confusion as to what people were drawn to. It was God, plain and simple.

God is still in the business of using the least likely to accomplish his plans. He does so in order to make one thing clear: it is he who is accomplishing the work, and no other.


God’s ways are not our ways. He tends to do things the harder, surprising, more seemingly-complicated way. By doing so, He alone gets all the glory.


As you practice the art of silence again today, keep paper nearby to write down the random thoughts demanding your attention. After your time of silence, categorize them:

  1. Thanks to social media, comparison is a rampant disease in our culture. Do you struggle with comparing yourself to others? Do you see God working mightily in the lives of others, but question what he could use you for?
  2. Is there an area in which you’ve been comparing yourself to someone else? Take a moment to offer that up to the Lord, releasing it to him. Know and trust that He has GREAT plans for you. Be on the lookout for ways He is using you today.
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