Battles to Breakthrough (Women Morning) - Mt Pleasant


10:00am Monday Mornings:  September 11 - November 20, 2017


Mt Pleasant Campus


This commitment is an intense 10-week (plus orientation)  "bootcamp" course  that equips you for the battle - to fight for the abundant life that Christ died to give you. Through Christ's sacrifice, we have already won the war, however, we will still walk through daily battles (John 16:33).  Each week, you will learn and apply a new tool to fight the battle for your mind by identifying harmful thinking patterns and replacing them with TRUTH thinking.  Each week builds on itself so attendance and application are key.  This course is for women who are tired of being stuck and are ready to pursue change and spiritual growth.

The cost to register for the class and your materials is $15.

This group has limited seating so you must register in advance.

Child care on campus is not available but If this prevents you from attending, please contact either Christie.

For more information contact Christie Michaud.