Study of Ecclesiastes - Mount Pleasant


6:30PM//Thursdays//September 14 - November 9


Mt Pleasant Campus


For thousands of years, people have searched the pages of the Bible, looking for the meaning of life. Ecclesiastes, alone, explicitly addresses that topic, but it does so in ways that can seem confusing, depressing, and even cynical. Join us as we walk through Ecclesiastes and attempt to understand this strange, but wonderful book. There is a $5 registration fee.  


For more information contact Jack Hoey III.

New Childcare Policy:

Childcare is available for evening classes at the Mount Pleasant Campus for $5 per child ($10 maximum per family). The childcare fee can be paid on the evening of class, when you drop off your children. It can be paid with cash or ‘text to pay’.


‘TEXT TO PAY’ Instructions:

Send a text to 320320 with either ‘childcare 5’ for 1 child or ‘childcare 10’ for 2+ children. The first time you use this method, it will send a text back asking you to finish registration by going to a website, where it asks for your payment and billing info.  Please take a minute to set up your account – you will only have to do this one time.  Once your account is set up, you will text 'childcare 5' or 'childcare 10' to 320320 – it’s as easy as a simple text! You will do this each time you bring your child to childcare.  All you need to do is show us your invoice on your smart phone when you check your child in and you’ll be good to go!


Please email with any childcare questions.