Married Life

Great marriages don’t just happen. They require intentionality, love and respect, and plenty of fun! Here at Seacoast, we want to do everything we can to help you have a vibrant and healthy marriage that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for resources or encouragement to help your marriage thrive, be sure to check out all of the Married Life opportunities:

Married Life “Live”

Married Life “Live” is a quarterly event at the Mount Pleasant Campus that involves a night of music, a relevant message, and tons of laughs! Every event is centered around one of our four core habits for healthy marriages: to have serious fun, to love God first, respect and love, and practicing your promise. Each event is different and designed specifically for that quarter. So grab your spouse, get a babysitter, and join us for a great night of fun!

Small Groups

We believe all healthy marriages need to be surrounded with a healthy, thriving community, or what we call Small Groups. These groups meet regularly to study the Bible, pray for one another, and provide the opportunity to hang out and build relationships. Our are unique in that they are intended specifically for married couples to learn and grow in their marriages along with other married couples.