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Hello, First Look Friends!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Jesus, the Son of God, walked around here on the same earth that you and I now inhabit. When I see pictures of places that I’ve read about in my Bible, I am truly humbled to know that my heavenly Father sent His Son here, to this earth for me—to save me. And, to save you. Then, I think about what Jesus did in His years here on earth, and I am amazed. Amazed.

We want our preschoolers to feel that same amazement, that wonder and awe, that only Jesus can bring. Jesus came to do amazing things, and He did them. They’ll hear about how the people in the temple were amazed by the questions a 12-year-old boy was asking. They’ll here of the awesome experience that was Jesus’ baptism when God spoke from the heavens. They’ll watch in awe as Jesus turns water to “super fancy drink” at a wedding.

In addition, our preschoolers will learn that Jesus invited some special friends to go on His amazing journey with Him. They’ll hear how these men left their jobs to follow their savior and watch Him do amazing things. Finally, they will learn that Jesus taught us how to pray. We can talk to our Father in heaven any time, anywhere, about anything. Now, that IS amazing. What a gift!

This month, make sure to take time when telling each story. Let the wonder build as your voice fills with awe of the amazing things Jesus did while He was here. Help your preschoolers understand how truly awesome Jesus is and that He wants to be our friend forever.

Kathy Hill

Editor in Chief, First Look
The reThink Group

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