Seacoast Stories: Find God

Seacoast Annual Report

#Annual Report
2016-2017 Annual Report Our annual report is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished together across our ministries and campuses this past year. It’s not only [...]

A Simple Ask

  A simple ask Citadel Cadet, Jason Pinnow, makes a life changing decision after being asked to attend Seacoast Church.

A Fresh Start

#find god #Small Group #Giving
  a fresh start by Marney McNall Sometimes you just need someone to give you a little push. If the leader of Will and Meredith [...]


  What Is Seacoast Doing? Today our pastors will be serving with the Charleston Coastal Chaplaincy and will be attending community prayer services for the [...]

She Is There

#Grow Your Faith #find god
  John and Lorri’s Story A husband grieves, and hopes, as his wife battles cancer and comes to terms with her Savior.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

#Grow Your Faith #find god #kids
Last week we were having dinner and recapping our days when my 7 year-old son, Miles, announced that he needed my advice on something. At [...]

A Better Life

#Discover Your Purpose #find god
  a better life From an orphanage, to seeing God’s love in a forever family, Sara Jenkin’s experiences the better life she had only heard [...]

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