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The Risk of Community

#Small Group #Community
I read a story recently about a man in his 20s who set up a personal experiment. He decided to go a whole week without [...]

Seacoast Stories: A Recipe for Family

#Make a Difference #Single Moms #Christmas #Serving
Seacoast stories: A Recipe for Family by Marney McNall It’s all about family for the Single Moms’ group. “Craig insisted on making everything from scratch. [...]

Surviving The Holidays After Loss

#Make a Difference #Grow Your Faith #Griefshare
  Surviving the Holidays by Christi Vliet The title of the seminar: Surviving the Holidays, is very fitting. Last year I was facing the holidays [...]

Relief Efforts Continue

#Make a Difference #Giving
Relief Efforts Continue relief efforts continue Irma is long gone but her effects will be felt for weeks and months to come. We are committed [...]

Make A Difference

make a difference Seacoast Church exists to make a difference and we do so in many different ways. Through your generous donations, we are able to [...]


#Grow Your Faith #find god #Global Missions #Haiti
Resurfacing by Maggie Robinson I have gone on three mission trips to Morency, Haiti since last summer. Every time I’ve traveled there, I returned with [...]

A Fresh Start

#find god #Small Group #Giving
  a fresh start by Marney McNall Sometimes you just need someone to give you a little push. If the leader of Will and Meredith [...]

No Matter Where in the World

#Make a Difference
  no matter where in the world We believe every community in the world needs a life-giving church to thrive. In cooperation with our global [...]

Returning Home

#Grow Your Faith
Returning Home At Seacoast, part of our mission is to help people find God. Our attendees continue to imagine a future where we can offer [...]

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

#Grow Your Faith #Single Moms #Griefshare #Care Care Ministry
don’t be afraid to ask for help by Marney McNall The community built within the walls of Seacoast Church have always been faithful to use [...]

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