Seacoast Stories: Video

Imagine Seacoast

#Grow Your Faith #Greg Surratt #Imagine Seacoast
give to imagine Imagine is our initiative to transform the Mount Pleasant campus by building a new 2500-seat worship center and renovating existing facilities for [...]

What To Do When You Face Divine Delays

#Josh Surratt #Delays
  What to do when you face divine delays Sometimes we don’t understand the delays, setbacks, or pauses that come in our lives, God has [...]

Relief Efforts Continue

#Make a Difference #Giving
Relief Efforts Continue relief efforts continue Irma is long gone but her effects will be felt for weeks and months to come. We are committed [...]

A Simple Ask

  A simple ask Citadel Cadet, Jason Pinnow, makes a life changing decision after being asked to attend Seacoast Church.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

#Grow Your Faith #Single Moms #Griefshare #Care Care Ministry
don’t be afraid to ask for help by Marney McNall The community built within the walls of Seacoast Church have always been faithful to use [...]

Thank You Seacoast Church

  Thank You Seacoast Church Seacoast has been working with our ARC church partners in Florida to resource them financially and to let them know [...]

I’m Singing

#School of Worship #Japan #Discover Your Purpose #Make a Difference
by Marabeth Duncan A storm brewed on the horizon as I sat at the top of the stairs that led down to the water’s edge [...]

Building & Construction Update

#Josh Surratt #new building
  Worship Center Construction to Begin


  What Is Seacoast Doing? Today our pastors will be serving with the Charleston Coastal Chaplaincy and will be attending community prayer services for the [...]

Shine a Light on Integrity

#Discover Your Purpose #Make a Difference
  shine a light on integrity “I was an ordinary cop with an extraordinary cause. My cause is constant – to unearth corruption and shine [...]

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