Our Staff

Central Support
Mount Pleasant
North Charleston
James Island
Johns Island
West Ashley
Church Online

Aaron LaFalce

Worship Leader

Adam Martin

Small Group Pastor

Alysha Brown

Children’s Director

Angie Kimsey


Autumn Lyendecker

Administrative Assistant

Becky Fuller

Director of Pastoral Ministries

Becky Lind

Outreach Coordinator

Bill Finch

Campus Pastor

Brad Brandon

Small Group and Guest Services Director

Brian Crittenden

High School and Facilities Director

Brittainy Surratt

Audio Technician

Carlton Moore

Facilities Associate

Carrie Davis

Digital Coordinator

Charlotte Cox

Children's Ministry Director

Cherie Berotti

Care Team Administrative Assistant

Chip Judd

Pastor of Campus Ministries

Chris Russo

Campus Pastor

Christina Soto

Administrative Assistant

Craig Snook

Care Team Pastor

David Looney

Assistant Campus Pastor

David Urzi

Internet Campus Director

Debbie Hopper

Women's Small Group Pastor

Debbie Snyder

Administrative Assistant

Debbie Surratt

Payroll Specialist

Desiree Clement

Executive Assistant

Devin Solberg

Student Ministry Coordinator

Elizabeth Brackett

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Emily Solberg

Kidscoast Coordinator

Evan Henry

Worship Leader & Student Ministries Director

Garrett Abel

Seacoast Music Director

Gayle McLeod

Administrative Assistant

Glenn Wood

Church Administrator

Grayson Little

Worship Leader

Greg Surratt

Founding Pastor

Hannah LaFalce

Administrative Assistant

Jack Hoey III

Minister of Research & Theology

Jack Hoey Jr.

Executive Director of Operations

Jack Ward

Pastoral Care Pastor

Jacquayle Dailey

Elementary Coordinator

James Armstrong

Band Director

Jason Surratt

Stewardship Pastor

Jeanne Radekopf

School of Worship Director

Jeff Leinberger

Campus Pastor

Jen Cameron

Children's Ministry Director

Jennifer Williamson

Family Ministry Director

Jeremy Johnson

Worship Leader and Student Ministry Coordinator

Jim Fleming

Campus Pastor

Jodi McCall

Missions Minister

Joey Svendsen

Campus Pastor

Jon Hohm

Student Pastor

Jordan Dickson

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Josh Mitchum

Experience and Recovery Minister

Josh Ray

Student Ministry Pastor

Josh Surratt

Lead Pastor

Josh Walters

Campus Pastor

Julie Hiott

Care Team Minister

Justin Brackett

Digital Communications Director

Karen Bailey

Children's Ministry Director

Kate Bell

Family Ministries Coordinator

Kathy Roseborough

Director of Executive Support

Katie Walters

Care Team

Keenan Fisher

Care Team

Kelley Connelly

Guest Services Director

Kelli Hohm

Care Team

Kim Pupke

Database Director

Kristin Rollins

Small Group Director

Krystal Halvorson

Worship Leader

Laura Graves

Volunteer Coordinator

Laura Hansel

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Laurie Papagoda

Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant

Leroy Harper

Outreach Coordinator

Libby Hamilton

Worship Director

Linsey Logan

Administrative Assistant to Jon Hohm

Liz Patrick

Administrative Assistant

Lori Fitzgerald

Administrative Assistant to Adam Martin

Lori Harrison

Kidscoast Preschool Coordinator

Lynne Stroy

Executive Assistant to Josh Walters

Mac Mood

Small Groups & Care Minister

Maria Sinkler

Creative Team Administrative Assistant

Martin Chalk

Worship Pastor and Artist in Residence

Mary Helen Swift

Administrative Assistant

Matt Benton

Small Group Director

Meagan LaFevers

Administrative Assistant

Megan Ferrell

Bookstore Coordinator

Meleah Krabbenhoft

Campus Administrative Assistant

Michael Morris

Care Team Pastor

Natasha Simmons

e3 Mentor Coordinator

Nate Davis

Worship Pastor

Nick Johnston


Nicole Popadich

Inside Track Director

Nicole Robson

Database Manager and Trainer

Patrick Connelly

Campus Pastor

Paula Fleming

Children's Director & Student Director

Rebecca Moore

Cafe Coordinator

Renee Jenkinson

Children’s Coordinator

Rhonda McAdory

Administrative Assistant

Rick Russell

Technical Arts Director

Robbie Madison

Assistant Campus and Student Director

Robert Williams

School of Worship Co-Director/Academic Dean

Rodrick Simmons

Worship Leader

Ron Hamilton

Campus Pastor

Ross White

Campus Pastor

Roy Jacques

Campus Pastor

Roz Page

Missions Administrative Assistant

Rusty Graves

Campus Pastor

Ryan Scott

Director of Operations

Sam Sanders

Worship Leader

Sarah Eller

Campus Administrator

Scott Hammond

Facilities Manager

Seth Farrior

Assistant Campus Pastor, Kidscoast and Small Group Director

Shannon Favorite-Link

School of Worship Administrative Assistant

Shawn McCarthy

Director of Operations

Shineika Townsend

e3 Mentor Coordinator

Stephen Fortenberry

Worship Leader

Stephen Popadich

Director of the Well (College/20s)

Suzanne Owens

Administrative Assistant

Tamra Forrester

Worship Administrative Assistant

Tara Banks

Pastor of Worship Ministries

Teddy Winter

Campus Pastor

Tim Smith

Pastor of Facilities & Campus Services

Tomelex Copeland

North Charleston Student Pastor

Trace Pupke

IT Director

Trey Rollins

Assistant Campus Minister / Worship Leader

Trisha Russell

Service Producer

Veronica Groves

Nursery Coordinator