Seacoast Stories From Marney McNall

Does God Care If You Like Your Job?

#Career #Discover Your Purpose #ReStart Conference
What if your job satisfaction was directly related to how God uniquely wired you? Would that change the way you think about your career? Would [...]

The Wrong Path Made Right

#addiction #Discover Your Purpose #Marney McNall #Nick Walker #Summerville campus
“I thought God just made me a bad person,” Nick Walker said. “I thought he gave me this weakness from birth. Even in high school, [...]

Seacoast’s Robbie Madison Releases First Album

When Robbie Madison accepted an invite to the Annex service for young adults back in 2002, he found Seacoast’s concept of worship a new experience. [...]

Father’s Day: The Other Side of Things

#Father's Day #Grow Your Faith #myseacoaststory #single dads
A single dad inspired the creation of Father’s Day. In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd sat in church, wondering: if mothers had a day to honor [...]

Not Just A Number

#Grow Your Faith #myseacoaststory
Written from an interview with Kara Slick Majewski When my son Johnny was in elementary school, his friends invited him to Seacoast. He asked me [...]

A Memorable Phone Call

#Discover Your Purpose #myseacoaststory
Written from an interview with Julie Hiott. In 1988, I was one of 16,000 who received a call from Seacoast asking whether I went to [...]

How A Game Of Hoops Changed A Young Boy’s Life

#find god #myseacoaststory
From an interview with Dylan White. When I was 6 years old, I would go with my brother to play basketball on an outside court [...]

Stay To The End: One Girl’s Shining Moment

#Cinderella Day #Dream Center #Make a Difference
Every teenage girl planning to go to the prom dreams of wearing something beautiful: the perfect dress, the right touches of jewelry, the glamorous shoes. [...]

What Are You Doing For Others?

#Make a Difference #MLK #Serve
Make it a Day ON, Not a Day Off! Did you know Martin Luther King, Jr Day is the only federal holiday designated as one [...]

Game Night Creates “Ohana”

#Grow Your Faith #small groups
Shaun and Jessica Key’s small group started from a casual, summer game night at their house. Forming a group for married couples wasn’t our intention,” [...]