Child Registration Begins March 1!

Cane Bay
June 29 • 10am-3pm
Registration Closed

June 29 • 10am-3pm
Registration Closed

June 22 • 10am-3pm
Registration Closed

June 17-19 • 6-8pm
Registration Closed

July 8-12 • 9am-12pm
Registration Closed

Mount Pleasant
June 17-20 • 9am-12pm
Registration Closed

North Charleston
June 24-26 • 9am-12pm
Registration Closed

June 24-27 • 9am-12pm
Registration Closed

West Ashley
June 17-20 • 9am-12pm
Registration Closed

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We never want cost to be the reason a child cannot attend.

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Important Information

YES! We do not pre-assign kids into specific small groups. On the first day of Kids Camp, they should meet up in the foyer, then you will take them to a small group where they can stay together in that same group for the rest of the week. Keep in mind that each group has a maximum of about 10 kids per group, so once that group is full, kids will be directed to the next group.
YES! Kids Camp is open to anyone who wants to come. You do not have to be a member of Seacoast Church, nor do you have to be regular attenders of any church. We consider this an outreach event and encourage all kids to participate.
In the morning, doors will open 30 minutes prior to the start time. At the end of Kids Camp, parents will be held outside of the doors until all kids are in the Worship Center and ready for dismissal.

All kids will need to be escorted into the facility and checked-in by an adult. Park and come inside. Kids cannot be dropped off outside and walk in on their own.

Each child will receive three printed tags: one that goes on the front of the child, one that goes to their small group leader for the group roster, and one that is a matching parent security tag for pick-up. The pick-up tag must be presented to the small group leader to receive a child after the event. Please note that a picture of the tag is permissible for pick-up. We encourage parents to take a picture of their tag in case the tag is misplaced, or if someone else is picking up their child. We will not release a child without the corresponding pick-up tag. If you forget or lose your parent security tag, please visit the registration desk for a replacement. You will need to have your driver’s license or another proof of identification.

Please let your child’s leader know at drop-off if someone other than you will be picking up your child. Be sure to give your child’s parent security tag or send a picture of it to that person. If that person does not have your child’s security tag, he/she will be asked to step aside until you can be contacted.
No. Don’t let the Kids Camp name or this year’s theme mislead you. This event is a day camp at the church, not an overnight sleepaway camp in the mountains.
No. After signing up for Kids Camp, your money is non-refundable. You may transfer your spot to someone else, but we will not refund your money.
YES! Before you register your child, please let us know if you need financial assistance. Applicants should fill out the Application for Financial Assistance on the Kids Camp website prior to registering. We will review each request and provide a discount code to be used at check-out. Because of generous donors, we can offer financial assistance to those in need. Please note, if you have already completed a paid registration, we cannot offer a refund.
YES! We expect to fill up quickly, so we encourage families to sign up early. Once Kids Camp is full, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate any more children. We will not start a waitlist and once the event is determined to be full, registration will be closed.
YES! On the volunteer registration, you can indicate your availability. For those unable to attend for the full event, we may not be able to accommodate your preferred area of serving, but rather place you where the greatest need is at that time.
YES! The Kids Camp small groups are generally divided by grade, but we have many blended groups! If you prefer that your kids stay together, who are in different grades, we suggest that the older child go with the younger one’s group. All of our games, crafts and lessons are geared toward specific ages, so if there is a large age gap between children (more than one grade) we would ask that each child stay in their appropriate group.
No. Pre-registration is required for this event.
YES! Please contact your campus contact to address any changes that need to be made for your preferred area to volunteer or to change/update any information on your child’s registration. However, once you have paid for a Kids Camp child registration, your money is transferrable, but non-refundable.

Kids Camp is geared toward elementary-age kids, but some locations do not include rising Kindergarteners at their event.

Some locations will offer a Preschool Kids Camp (childcare) for the volunteers’ children who are too young to attend. Each Kids Camp location determines the participating grades, and that determination is based on the space of the facility, number of volunteers available to serve, and with the safety of the children in mind.

For campus specific information, please click on the Kids Camp location to see details for their event. Be sure to indicate the grade your child is entering into for school year 2023-2024 on the registration to ensure they are in the correct group.

They can attend as a volunteer and serve alongside a vetted adult as a co-leader of a group. They can also assist with other activities such as crafts, games, and snacks. You will need to register them as a volunteer and select the grade that they will be entering.
YES! On the child registration form there is a location to specify if your child has a physical or special need, what that need is and any other important issue that will help us better accommodate the child while at Kids Camp. If you would like to discuss whether Kids Camp is a good fit for your child before you register, please email the campus contact for your Kids Camp.
YES! Parents are welcome to be a part of the Kids Camp experience. If you need to be with your child throughout the week, we will ask that you go through a background check in order to travel with their group in order to provide for a safe and secure environment for the children. You will be expected to participate and help with other kids as needed.
Please sign up to serve with us at Kids Camp! The volunteer application form has a place to indicate the need for childcare (0-4 years old). At many locations, we offer childcare for infants and toddlers of our Kids Camp volunteers and a full Preschool Kids Camp curriculum for preschoolers of our volunteers. Space is limited, so register early.
No. Cell phones or other electronic devices are not allowed. We want Kids Camp to be a distraction-free time for kids. Over the years, we have found that taking kids out of their regular routine of being on electronics, opens them up to hear from Jesus in ways they haven’t before. All of our leaders will have cell phones, so your child will have access to a phone if they need to reach you.
Please contact your campus-specific Kids Camp contact listed on the Kids Camp website.
YES! All medications will be kept with the Kids Camp nurse. We will keep it during the event and return it to you. Any allergies should be indicated on your child’s registration as well as their nametag. Please have it added at the time of check-in if it is not already listed on the child’s tag. You should also let your child’s leader know as well, so they are aware of the potential allergic reaction.
YES! We will post all food products being served at the event. An email will be sent prior to the event as well which will include the food list, including brand names. If your child needs an alternative snack, due to allergies, please bring it in a labeled bag to give to your child’s small group leader.
YES! We provide training for everyone serving at the event. Kids Camp is predominately a volunteer-led and staffed event. Each campus will have a designated Kids Camp volunteer training event that will be posted on the website. We believe in the concept of serving as a team, so all of our volunteers are partnered with other leaders during the event. All adults who are 18 and older must have a cleared background check on file with the church.
Casual attire is best (shorts and t-shirt) with close-toed shoes (tennis shoes are preferred). Your child will have a game activity and they will need to be dressed comfortably. Also, crafts can get a little messy, so wear something you don’t mind getting dirty.
As little as possible. They will be moving from room to room, and unnecessary stuff can get lost easily.
No. For the safety of all children, any visitor or parent will need to leave after dropping off their child in the Worship Center. We will have a designated area for parents to stand before we re-open doors for dismissal. Leaders will not release any child in the hallway before returning to the Worship Center. Please be considerate of our check-out process so we can ensure safety to everyone.
YES! We will offer an opportunity for families to pick-up their child’s Kids Camp T-shirt and print tags prior to the day of the event. Each Kids Camp location will communicate to their participants of when and where to do so.