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Introducing Mobile Check-In

For quicker check-ins and for a touch-free experience, we’ve added mobile check-in to the Seacoast App. Check out the following instructions to get started:

1. Install and open the Seacoast App

2. Select the Mobile Check-in option in the menu

3. Login using your MySeacoast account

4. Select the event under each family member you are checking in

5. Tap the “Next” button to display the QR code

6. Scan the QR code at any check-in station at the church

7.Your tags will automatically print for you to take


Mobile Check-In FAQs

What is MySeacoast account information?
Please visit to setup or reset your password for your MySeacoast account. If you need further assistance, please email

How do I change my Preferred Campus?
You can change your preferred campus in the App under My Profile, or on MySeacoast under My Account.

How do I change who I checked-in on Mobile Check-in?
Go to the Mobile Check-in page in the app and redo the check-in process. This will update your QR code.

I already generated my QR code in Mobile Check-in but went to a different part of the app and need to find the QR code again.
Go to the Mobile Check-in page and you will see a fingernail image of a QR code at the top right. Tap on that image to show your QR code.