May 7

Share God’s Love With Others

We might try to base our confidence on what we do well, or what someone might say about us. But true confidence should be built on something different. We think it’s found in understanding how God is both big enough to create the universe, but also close enough to be right here with us. We know that we can trust God no matter what. We are created in God’s image. And God loves us so much! Nowhere is this more evident than in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. And, when we trust Jesus with our lives, the Holy Spirit is there to help us face whatever comes our way. We can respond to God’s love and care with confidence!

We start off the month in Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 24:50-53, and Acts 1:1-11. Before Jesus went back to his Father, he gave his disciples a huge mission: to tell the world about Him. The message of Jesus is for everyone, and it was the disciples’ job to get the word out. Jesus promised that God would give them the confidence they needed to get the job done. 

Share God’s love with others. Kids sometimes have a hard time understanding what it means to live out their faith in Jesus and share God’s love. This week, we hope they’ll understand Jesus’ mission, and also how they can put that mission into practice. We hope they realize that sharing God’s love isn’t as difficult as it might sound. We’ll help them discover all sorts of opportunities to help others throughout their week.

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Recent Lessons

Friends forgive one another.
September 24
Friends stand up for one another.
September 17
Friends keep their promises.
September 10
Choose your friends carefully.
September 3
Use your imagination to honor God.
August 27
You can use what God gave you to solve problems.
August 20
God created you for a purpose.
August 13
God created you so you can be creative.
August 6
God will make everything right in the end.
July 30
Our faith is stronger together.
July 23
When bad things happen, God is with you.
July 16
God can help you find joy.
July 9
Jesus is a gift for everyone.
July 2
God is with you even when you feel stuck.
June 25
God can change the way you see others.
June 18
God can help you face your fears.
June 11
Knowing Jesus changes how you see things.
June 4
God is With You Even When You Have Questions
May 28
God Is With You No Matter What
May 21
God Sent The Holy Spirit To Help You
May 14
Share God’s Love With Others
May 7
Put others first by making things right.
April 30
Put others first by making things right.
April 23
Put others first because Jesus put you first.
April 16
Celebrate because Jesus is alive.
April 9
Jesus put others first.
April 2
God will always forgive you.
March 26
Forgive others because God forgives you.
March 19
When you forgive others, it can change them.
March 12
Everyone needs forgiveness.
March 5
Remember God is most important.
February 26
Take time to show others they are important.
February 19
Show respect even when you don’t get along.
February 12
Include people who are left out.
February 5
If you don’t understand something, ask.
January 29
Remembering what’s true can help you make the wise choice.
January 22
When you discover something new, it can change you.
January 15
Knowing God is the most important thing.
January 8
Never stop searching for what’s true.
January 1
Jesus is the greatest gift.
December 18
The good news is for everyone.
December 18
Anything is possible with God.
December 11
God always has a plan.
December 4
You can do what you should even when you don’t know what will happen.
November 27
You can do what you should because God is with you.
November 20
You can do what you should even when things seem impossible.
November 13
You can do what you should even when others are afraid.
November 6
Hold on because God is in control.
October 30
Hold on because God knows what you’re going through.
October 23
Hold on even when you don’t know what to do.
October 16
Hold on because there’s a bigger story.
October 9
Hold on because God is with you.
October 2
You can trust God even when you’re worried.
September 25
You can trust that God has a plan.
September 18
Trust God no matter what.
September 11
Trust God even when you have to wait.
September 4
God has a plan to show love to the world.
August 28
God loves us no matter what.
August 21
God made us to take care of eachother.
August 14
Love God by loving others.
August 7
God gives you the power to have self-control.
July 31
God can give you the strength to be gentle.
July 24
Be faithful so others can count on you.
July 17
Show God’s Goodness To Others.
July 10
Show kindness to everyone.
July 3
Be patient with each other.
June 26
You can help others make peace.
June 19
Choose joy no matter what’s going on.
June 12
Love others because God loves you.
June 5
Keep going because of what Jesus did for you.
May 29
Trusting God can help you get back up.
May 22
You can choose joy when life gets hard.
May 15
Keep going even when it gets tough.
May 8
God is always with you.
May 1
Whatever happens, remember God is bigger than your questions.
April 24
Whatever happens, remember Jesus is alive.
April 17
Whatever happens, remember God is still working.
April 10
Whatever happens, remember how powerful God is.
April 3
Make a habit of working together.
March 27
Work together to help someone in need.
March 20
Work together to help someone succeed.
March 13
God wants us to work together.
March 6
Make time to help others.
February 27
Use what you have to help others.
February 20
Show others that they matter.
February 13
Following Jesus means caring about others.
February 6
Know when to stop.
January 30
Think before you speak.
January 23
Don’t be controlled by your anger.
January 16
When you lose control it can cause you trouble.
January 9
Be ready to do the right thing.
January 2
Never stop celebrating Jesus.
December 26
Celebrate because God sent a Savior.
December 19
Celebrate because God has a plan.
December 12
Celebrate because God can do anything.
December 5
You can always use what you have to help someone else.
November 28
Don’t miss out on what you have now.
November 21
Wanting more and more can make you miserable.
November 14
God can help you be content.
November 7
We can use our gifts together to make a greater difference.
October 31
You can make a difference right now.
October 24
Use your gifts to help others.
October 17
Knowing Jesus changes how you see yourself.
October 10
You were made in God’s image
October 3
Look for ways to celebrate what God has done.
September 26
Stay focused on what needs to be done.
September 19
Look for ways to make things right.
September 12
Don’t wait for someone else to do what needs to be done.
September 5
Never stop growing in wisdom.
August 29
Hang out with wise people.
August 22
Think before you act.
August 15
Trust God to give you wisdom.
August 8
Wisdom is worth searching for.
August 1
God loves you no matter what.
July 25
Use what God has given you to stand strong.
July 18
Stay focused on Jesus.
July 11
Trust that God is always with you.
July 4
God can do the impossible.
June 27
God can use you no matter what.
June 20
God’s plan is the best plan.
June 13
You can be confident because God loves you.
June 6
Practice living for God.
May 30
Practice talking about God.
May 23
Practice praying to God.
May 16
Practice hearing from God.
May 9
Keep practicing what matters most.
May 2
You can show you care about others by being part of the solution.
April 25
You can show you care about others by walking away from a fight.
April 17
We can make peace with others.
April 11
God made peace with us.
April 4
You can celebrate even when you’re waiting.
March 28
If you don’t wait, it could cost you.
March 21
When you have to wait, remember what’s true
March 14
When you have to wait, remember God is with you.
March 7
Be kind to people who are different from you.
February 28
Be kinder than you have to be.
February 21
Be kind to your family and friends.
February 14
Be kind to others because God is kind to you.
February 7
Use your words wisely.
January 31
Make the most of what you’ve been given.
January 24
Work hard.
January 17
Share what you have.
January 10
Love God. Love Others.
January 3
God’s peace is for everyone.
December 27
God loved us so much that He gave us a Savior.
December 20
You can have joy because God has a plan for you.
December 13
We can have hope because God keeps his promises.
December 6
Get in the habit of being grateful.
November 29
Adjust your attitude.
November 22
Say thank you.
November 15
Celebrate what God has done.
November 8
You always have something to be grateful for.
November 1
Focus on what’s true.
October 25
When you’re not truthful, you lose trust.
October 18
Being truthful with God keeps you close to him.
October 11
Be truthful with your whole life
October 4
Friends forgive one another.
September 27
Friends encourage one another.
September 20
Friends love one another.
September 13
Choose your friends carefully.
September 6
God created you to share His story.
August 30
God created you to work with others.
August 23
God created you for a purpose.
August 16
God created you, so you can be creative.
August 9
There’s no limit to God’s creativity.
August 2
Following Jesus will turn out greater than you can imagine.
July 26
Knowing Jesus changes the way you see your problems.
July 19
You can help others know Jesus.
July 12
Focus – Take A Closer Look
July 5
Knowing Jesus changes the way you see others.
June 28
Knowing Jesus can help you face your fears.
June 21
Knowing Jesus changes the way you see everything.
June 14
You can know Jesus even though you’ve never seen Him
June 7
Keep going even when you have questions
May 31
Keep going because God knows the end of the story.
May 24
Keep going even when it gets tough
May 17