VBS Day 4 Recap

Bible Story: The Apostle Paul (The Life of Paul) • Acts 25:23 -26:32

Memory Verse: “I have come so they may have life. I want them to have it in the fullest possible way.” John 10:10b, NIrV

Bottom Line: Live like you’re part of a bigger story.

Hey Parents!

The last day of AMPED! Can I just tell you something? You all are the best! I have had such a fun time watching you get AMPED all week.

Today we took a look at guy named Paul! We found out that Paul was one of the first followers of Jesus, but did he start out like that? NOPE! He was against Jesus, but once Jesus came to Paul . . . his entire life changed! He became AMPED and found himself part of a bigger story. That brings us to our Bottom Line for today. Live like you’re part of a bigger story.

When Paul was talking to King Agrippa, he connected the dots of the story that God has been telling since the very beginning of time. That story is the same story God continues to tell today!

And you know who’s part of that story? That’s right . . . YOU! Me! All of us can play a part in God’s BIGGER Story! And when you live like you are part of that story, people can’t help but see Jesus in you. You get to help people see how much God loves them. That is what it means to live FULLY ALIVE!

AMPED Announcements:

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DAILY DEVO: Read Ephesians 2:8-10

Have you ever been riding in the car and your mom or dad had to make a U-turn? They were probably pretty frustrated. I mean, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. You have to wait for the next exit, or maybe you have to wait for oncoming traffic to pass before you can safely turn around. If you find yourself going the wrong way, though, it doesn’t do you any good to just keep on going.

Paul found that out in a pretty dramatic way when he was quite literally blinded by the light. Jesus actually spoke to him, which sure got his attention! And Paul realized he had to make a U-turn. He realized that Jesus really was God’s Son, and that changed everything! Paul knew he had to stop causing trouble for Christians, and instead he started to spend his life encouraging and supporting churches full of people who believed in Jesus.

Jesus gave Paul a brand-new mission: to share his story with others.

“I am sending you to them to open their eyes.” (Acts 26:17b-18a, NIrV)

In an instant, Paul changed the whole direction of his life—from following his own story to following God’s story. He saw clearly that God had sent Jesus to die for the sins of the world. And he dedicated his life to sharing that story with everyone he could.

What about you? Are you going your way or God’s way? When you focus your life on God, an amazing thing happens. Your way becomes God’s way. You want the same things he wants. You live like you’re part of a bigger story. And everything you do matters because you’re doing it for him! How can you play a part in God’s big story?

Ask God to help you live like you’re part of a bigger story.

The story of Paul’s life is pretty crazy. Paul hunted down Christians and had them thrown into prison. But God completely changed Paul from the inside out. Paul went on to tell others about Jesus. He realized that there was a bigger story, the story of God.

And here’s the really cool thing. You have the same opportunity that Paul did! When you trust Jesus as your Savior, you join that bigger story. God has chosen us, as his followers, to do his work here on earth. What is that work? To let everyone know how much God loves them.

How? You could invite someone to church. You could share a verse to help a friend who is sad. You can meet a need and then pray for the person you’ve helped. There are lots and lots of ways you can show God’s love to others and join that bigger story.

Think about your day. Who do you see on a regular basis? Write their names in the space below:

What is one thing you could do to show God’s love to someone on that list?

Telling others about God is so cool, even though it can sometimes be intimidating. Take some time to think about God and what he has done for you. Talk through your story with someone around you so that when the opportunity comes to tell others about God, you have your story ready! Pray that God will give you opportunities to tell others about him and that he will become part of their story!

LISTEN to others’ stories and share your story of all God has done for you!

AMPED PRAYER: “Heavenly Father, what an awesome example Paul has given us! I thank you for Paul’s story and what we can learn from it. I pray that you would give us the same passion, the same conviction, the same boldness to tell others about your Son, Jesus. I pray that all of these kids and adults in this room would live their lives knowing that they’re part of your Big Story. We love you and we ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


Read John 13:34-35 together as a family. Before Jesus came, people had a LOT of rules to follow. Then when Jesus came, he summed up all of the rules quite simply into…LOVE. Talk together about what it would look like to really love like Jesus loved—to live like your part of a bigger story. Do you know why? Because we ARE. God is writing a story so much bigger than we can possibly imagine—a story that started at the beginning of time. And that story includes you and me!