Kidscoast Policies And Procedures FAQ

At Seacoast Church our highest priority is the safety and well-being of your kids. To that end, we have in place policies and procedures that are all designed to create environments that are safe and secure for every child at every Seacoast campus. To review all the policies and procedures, please visit the Kidscoast volunteer handbook.

Do volunteers receive background checks?
Yes. All of our staff and volunteers receive background checks that are updated regularly.

Are adults permitted to be alone with children?
No. Volunteers are never permitted to be alone with a child at any time while serving.

Is camera footage regularly reviewed?
We review security camera footage from our children’s environments during weekend services. In our set-up/tear-down locations, we work with existing facilities and our security personnel to adapt our policies for those locations.

Does Seacoast have a security team in place?
Yes. We have an experienced and highly-trained security team who help train others, review policies, and visit our locations to help ensure that our policies and procedures are properly implemented. Many of our volunteer security team are current or former first-responders and security professionals.

What is the check-in procedure?
Children and parents receive matching printed nametags and pick-up tags to ensure safety in Kidscoast environments. The child’s nametag identifies their age group, any allergies, and a security code, which matches the parent pick-up tag.

Do my kids have to attend Kidscoast
No. While we believe that Kidscoast is the best place for your kids to hear the Gospel in a way that is accessible, fun, and designed just for them, they are welcome to join you in attending a service.

What are your bathroom policies?
Men are not permitted to change diapers or take children to the restroom. There are to be no adults in the restrooms with children at any time. If there isn’t a bathroom in the classroom, two female volunteers may take the child to a nearby restroom, make sure it’s clear and send the child inside while volunteers wait outside with the door cracked open.

All additional questions can be directed to Seacoast’s Central Kidscoast Leader, Terri Stuckey.