Build a strong spiritual foundation while discovering the purpose God has for you.

Growth Track is a simple path for you to grow spiritually at Seacoast while building authentic relationships in a small group setting. Each of these three courses, taken one at a time, cover important foundational concepts, such as the mission of Seacoast and where you belong, developing healthy spiritual rhythms, and finding true freedom in Christ.


Understand the mission and culture of Seacoast Church, build lasting relationships with others in a small group, and discover your talents and strengths for serving others within the church. Learn More ›


Learn and put into practice seven rhythms that are essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus – daily devotion, prayer, repentance, generosity, serving, sharing your story, and celebrating. Learn More ›


Build on the foundation of your faith as you learn to embrace God’s word, understand your value and purpose in God’s kingdom, and learn to break strongholds and live in the freedom Jesus offers. Learn More ›

Already in a small group?

These courses are a great opportunity for existing groups to learn and grow together. Let us know you want to take the Growth Track as a group, and we’ll help you get started.

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