The Creative Department is responsible for how Seacoast Church is experienced, from the look and feel on the weekend to our online presence throughout the week.

Check out our teams below to find out where you can use your skills to Make A Difference!

Our Teams


The Communications team provides copy and editing support for all content that is created for Seacoast Church. We write everything from scripts for videos to curriculum, from stories on the website to seasonal update books for campuses.

Design and Décor

The Design team is responsible for the look and feel of Seacoast from branding to décor and environments. This team provides compelling design to every aspect of anything you experience at Seacoast including series art, signage, event décor and more.


The Film team brings stories to life through videography and photography. We need help with every aspect of film-making, including pre-production, filming, editing, and organizing content for our campuses and ministries.


The Marketing team is responsible for promoting Seacoast stories, content, and events to the people that may need them the most. This includes managing, social media accounts for ministries and campuses, print and digital advertising, and other marketing tactics.


The Production team runs all of the technical aspects of our services, from cameras and technical directing, to projection, lighting and audio. We need volunteers for weekend services at each of our campuses and for various events throughout the week.

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