Live Like No One Else

The Narrow Road

Josh Walters | September 11, 2016

When God created the first people he made them stewards of the earth — every plant, every animal, all of it. We carry that same responsibility. We are called to care for what God has entrusted to us, from our families and time to our belongings and finances. Practicing good stewardship allows them to flourish under our care, helping us fulfill the unique purposes God has for each of us. Unfortunately, we live in a “throwaway” world. The result is a national epidemic of stress, broken homes, and a culture enslaved by debt. But God desires for us to live in freedom by learning how to wisely manage our resources and steward as He intended. During our series “Live Like No One Else,” we’ll examine God’s Word, acquire practical tools, and take basic steps on the path to freedom.

Sermon Notes

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Small Group Questions

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Next Steps

We believe it is important to find a community to help you live out your faith. Whether your next steps involve baptism, joining a small group, or serving as a volunteer, we're here to help and encourage you.

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