Seacoast Stories: A Recipe for Family

Seacoast stories: A Recipe for Family

by Marney McNall

It’s all about family for the Single Moms’ group.

“Craig insisted on making everything from scratch. No store-bought sauce, or anything prepackaged.” MaryChris smiles, leaning back in one of Seacoast’s café chairs. “He made an old family recipe for the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted. He and the Ritters threw a great Christmas party for our Single Moms’ group, carrying on their tradition from last year. They are incredible blessings to all of us…in so many ways. That they love to cook is a bonus.”

MaryChris, the group’s founding leader, touches the bracelet encircling her wrist. “They even made a generous donation that let us buy a gift for each of our 28 women, these handcrafted bracelets—bracelets prayed over individually by the woman who made them for those who would wear them.”

The Single Moms’ group is about a community walking together through this specific time in their lives. It’s about getting to talk to a friend and discuss how best to handle daughters acting out, or to balance work and time with an only son—finding others who understand what it’s like to do it all. They watch each other’s kids and pets, and bring meals for those busy or sad days…or those that deserve to be celebrated.

“As we get to know each other,” says MaryChris, “we see every woman’s individual personality—who she is beyond the title, ‘mom’. These women are nurses, teachers, bankers, real estate agents, and saleswomen.” Many serve in the church regularly and at special events like the Dream Center Thanksgiving and Cinderella Day that help make sure girls have a dress for prom. Over 75 percent of the group volunteers for the Luke 14 Banquet held every February for the special needs community.

“This is my group, my family,” one member told MaryChris. And it seems others agree. The Family plaque ended up being the most sought after item in their white elephant Christmas exchange.

Another member texted: “Tonight (the Christmas party) was such a blessing—every little detail felt so special. It is so nice to feel loved and cared for…”

To learn more about the Single Moms’ group, click here. This group welcomes all women of the local community and is not limited to Seacoast members.


Marney McNall is the Editorial Manager at Seacoast Church.