Abbie’s Story of Healing

We are not meant to keep to ourselves what God is doing in our lives. So today, I want to share my healing story.

On January 23, Seacoast Church held a celebration service to mark the end of the month long prayer and fasting. I attended Seacoast for years, and even though I live in Pennsylvania now, I still tune in to Seacoast Online as often as possible.

I was unable to watch live on January 23, but the next day, my Facebook was flooded with healing stories. People were being healed during the service and online. People with lifelong diagnoses were being healed. People who had been in a wheelchair for YEARS, got up and walked. The Holy Spirit was present and God was moving.

A Million Needles of Pain

Since September 2008, I have suffered from cysts that developed after having a 6cm cyst grow inside of my right Fallopian tube. The cyst got stuck, twisted my tube, and killed it. I had to have emergency surgery to remove my tube and the cyst. Since then, I have suffered from cysts every month. I usually pass several of them and they last up to 2 hours. It basically feels like a million needles poking me in the same spot while simultaneously getting punched as hard as possible in the exact same spot as the needles are poking. There’s really nothing to do to decrease the pain.

When they first started, we would rush to the ER because the pain was unbearable. They would hook me up to an IV and start pumping pain medicine throughout my body. By the time the pain medicine actually kicked in, my cysts would be almost over and we had wasted time and money. The doctor suggested I stay at home and just ride them out. 

So that’s what I do. When the cysts come, I lie in bed and pray for it to end. I have it down to a science. I know within a 30 minute window when the cysts will come, I know what positions help more than others, I know which music is more calming, and I know that once I finally throw up, it’s almost over. My body gets so exhausted from the pain and fighting for a few hours that I often cannot even stand when they are over, so I just stay in bed and sleep it off.

How Long?

On January 30, I found myself in the fetal position, experiencing yet another month of cysts. At this point, I was more frustrated than in pain. How long did this have to last? How long would it be before God healed me from this? I’ve prayed, and fasted, and begged God for years. Why is He not hearing me and answering me? I was at my fiancé Mark’s house when they started, so I found a room to lay down in and prepared for the next few hours.

When the cysts started, they felt worse than ever before. They were a lot closer to each other and felt a lot more intense. I began begging God to take them away. Please, just let me have one month off. Please, just take them away. I don’t think I am strong enough for this anymore.

I didn’t feel any change in my body, but I felt like someone was whispering to turn on the healing service from the week before. I was doubting it, because that service was recorded on Facebook a week before – what good could turning it on now do? But the feeling didn’t go away, so I asked Mark to grab my phone and turn on the healing service. I laid in bed, listening to the service, crying and begging God to take the pain. 

About 20 minutes into the praying portion of the service, I started feeling a tingling sensation. The pain began to decrease and was replaced with the tingling. The next thing I remember is my eyes getting so heavy I couldn’t open them. The pain was gone, but now I couldn’t stay awake. 


I woke up about an hour later with no pain and a whole lot of confusion. How was that possible? I only had the cysts for about 30 minutes, a record for sure! Later that night, I passed more cyst membranes than ever before. I lost count eventually, that’s how many! How was this possible?! I only felt a few, but there was proof of more than 10 cysts happening that night!

The next month, I got affirmation that I have been healed. It was that time, I should be getting cysts. I waited and waited but they never came. I have been healed!

God healed me while watching a week old Facebook broadcast.

Miracles didn’t just happen in the Bible. Miracles happen today.

What about you? Where in your life do you need to experience miraculous healing? Will you take a step of faith, and attend the next healing service on Wednesday, March 6th?