Church Online Connects A Retirement Community

When Leslie Sommerdyke began a new career as the Senior Living Consultant at Daniel Pointe Retirement Community near Charleston, she asked God to “use me in my job, and to bring people that I can serve.” God would quickly reveal a specific way for her to find that blessing.

Soon after beginning her new role, Leslie was introduced to Tom Lollis and Pat Wilson, who live at Daniel Pointe with their wives. The two men began a Bible study together, but wanted to do more to reach the people in their new community. That’s when Tom and Pat’s idea to host a Sunday church service within the building began to take shape.

The Perfect Combination

Eventually, the three worked together and found the perfect solution: the 10:00AM Seacoast Church Online service livestreamed in the community’s small theatre. Attendees could experience the same worship and message as all Seacoast campuses.

“What inspires me the most is that it’s not just a broadcast service. Pat and Tom have taken personal ownership of the service each Sunday, and that makes it more than just a broadcast,” Leslie said. 

Part Of A Larger Community

What started with an attendance of six residents, has grown to 26 in just a few months. Some of the  residents’ families even join them as a way to share this worship experience. Just as at any Seacoast service, they receive worship guides from smiling greeters and have the opportunity to participate in lighting candles, taking communion, and adding prayer requests to a wooden cross—one made especially for Daniel Pointe by someone who wanted to give back to the community.

Many times, guests are invited personally by Pat or Tom. “God has given us favor with the people here,” Pat said. The residents are encouraged and appreciative of the option to attend church without having to travel to a physical location if they are not able, due to weather, or health.

Seacoast Church Online Pastor, Ryan Scott recently delivered a live message during a Daniel Pointe service. “Ryan being there generated a lot of enthusiasm from the people in attendance”, Tom said.

Meet Them Where They Are

This is the first of many viewing communities that Pastor Ryan is working to grow. “It is a priority for us to get into other places where there is potential to reach people in their homes, prisons, and any other groups that have been placed on someone’s heart to reach,” he said.

What about you? What might be stirring in your heart? Is it time to take action on an idea to reach people where they are?