The Courageous First Step To Restoration

Before I came to Seacoast Church, I was buried in shame, hurt, and insecurity. I had many labels for myself. But I kept returning weekly, sitting right in front of a couple who would become my life-changing prayer warriors, John and Cathy Mart. I’m convinced they prayed the lies of my past hurts out of me.

Feeling like an addict mired in my past childhood trauma, I attended Celebrate Recovery and became involved in Sisterhood Women’s Ministry, where I met lifelong friends who encouraged me through my healing. I didn’t realize it at first, but God was surrounding me with the right people to help me begin his restoration work. 

Through classes like Battles to Breakthrough, counseling, and diving into God’s Word, I began to experience healing and freedom. God has given me the confidence to finally act on my calling to serve the next generation.

God blessed me with a wonderful husband and daughter. Walking in obedience to God’s plan has brought restoration, and because of that I can live fully expectant for God’s next assignment for our family in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pastor Josh Walters, who married us four years ago, dedicated our baby girl, and commissioned us to go and follow God’s plan for our lives. Taking that first step requires courage, but God has shown me that he is right there with us, leading us where we need to go.

What about you? What next step…first step?…do you need to take to experience restoration in your own life?