What Dandelions Can Teach You About Parenting

It’s spring! I love the burst of new leaves on the trees and the smell of jasmine in the air here in the Carolinas. But in the beautiful fresh green of my front lawn, I have spotted those dreaded little yellow flowers popping up. Dandelions are often thought of as weeds. People work tirelessly to get rid of them and destroy their roots. However, the dandelion is stubborn and relentless in its pursuit to pop back up despite efforts to remove it. The dandelion is resilient and can grow in some of the most unlikely places—in sidewalk cracks and along the roadside, in meadows deep within the woods or in rocky landscapes. As a mom of teenagers, I realized that being a parent can be much like being a dandelion.

936 Weeks

No matter how often our kids might want us to step back or go away, we are still popping up and being present in their lives. You have approximately 936 weeks from the time your child is born until he or she graduates and moves on to what’s next in their life. The time goes by fast! Kids change and grow quickly. 

As parents, we go through many times when we have to be tough and resilient like dandelions. We’re there for the late nights, tears, tummy aches, and more. During these times, it’s easy to feel like we’re not good enough and want to give up, but we stick with it and persevere. It is all about having the tenacity to push through the more difficult times. 

A Different Phase

During those times, it helps me to think about how dandelions transform into white puffballs. We gently pick one and make a wish before blowing the delicate seeds into the air. It is the same flower, just in a different phase. But there is something special about watching the little seeds float away. 

As parents, we want to prepare our kids, offer them good seeds to take with them and plant on their own, to rely on as they go into the next part of their life. Thinking about the person you want your kids to become can help you make better parenting decisions along the way. But how?

Rich Soil

Dandelions thrive in the light and grow best in rich soil. When our families focus on God and seek His light, we grow best. We grow closer to Him and to each other. God wants to enrich our lives by having a deep relationship with Him, through prayer and meditating on His Word. He wants us to find strength in Him.

I find so much joy in being a parent, that I can almost forget about the not-so-great days. I cling tight to special moments and memories-in-the-making. I am so grateful for God giving me the greatest gifts of all—His son, and being a parent. 

No matter what phase of life you are in, think of the little yellow weed. Through God’s power, you, too, are strong and deep-rooted. You are preparing and sending out the next generation. 

Next Steps