Deborah’s Story Of Healing

I’ve been searching for a way to put into words the significance of January 23, 2019.

Simply put: Miracles still happen. I’m living proof.

In 2001, I helped serve first responders in Washington D.C. and New York following 9/11. Due to the contaminants in the air, many people who served in those areas have developed lifelong illnesses that doctors often have difficulty diagnosing and treating. I developed asthma and many other abnormal health conditions, and found myself in the ER many times.

What was wrong with me?
About two years ago, out of nowhere my chest radiated with pain, and I became weak, dizzy, and short of breath. Doctors at the hospital didn’t know what was wrong with me. Over the next month my weakness increased along with the cardiac pain. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs or pick up my two-year-old son. Not even 30 years old, I had a mini stroke.

A specialist at MUSC who had read about the effects from 9/11, eventually found a combination of cardiac medications that provided some symptom relief. I could pick up my kids again and function better most days. But whenever I missed a single dose (I took meds twice a day), I was guaranteed a full day of fatigue and pain. Still, a lifetime of medication was better than pain, weakness, and the likelihood of another stroke.

“Whenever I missed a single dose (I took meds twice a day), I
was guaranteed a full day of fatigue and pain.”

In January 2019, my husband and I went to Seacoast’s service to celebrate the culmination of the 21 days of prayer and fasting that we’d done together as a church. I drove to Mount Pleasant, so expectant. I knew God was doing big things in our church, but nothing could have prepared me for just how big.

Praise Before My Breakthrough
During worship, I sang: “I will praise before my breakthrough,” feeling chosen to follow God and worship him regardless of my health.

Later, guest speaker, Joshua Silverberg, asked to pray over anyone who had an incurable disease. Well that was me! For the next three hours, I waited in line and prayed for those around me, watching miracle after miracle happen. After midnight, Joshua and his friend, Wes, prayed for me.

Run, Don’t Walk
Joshua asked what was something I couldn’t do with my heart condition. I told him I couldn’t walk briskly, even on medications. He asked me to quickly walk to the far wall and back. I started walking and then ran around the room without a single pain in my chest, heart rate spike, or palpitation! I felt better than I had in two years! Later that night, I told my husband I would not take any more heart medication. I knew this could cause withdrawal symptoms if I wasn’t healed, but I knew God had done something miraculous in me.

I have not taken a single cardiac medication since, and I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms.

A Grateful Heart
God completely healed my heart—and my asthma too. He breathed new life into me! I am grateful to Joshua for serving in faith. I am grateful for Seacoast being bold enough to have an event like this. I am inexpressibly thankful to God, the great healer and comforter who has been with me and my family, every moment. It has been over a month now and I’m still living in my miracle every day.