Far More Than Childcare

It’s back to school season and the days are full of homework, busy schedules, or family situations that can cause worry and anxiety for children and their parents. By the end of the week, everyone is looking forward to a break. The necessary rhythm of rest is beneficial for everyone, but sometimes needs to be scheduled. One way to add it to your calendar is to attend a weekend church service. It’s not only a time for parents to experience worship and a message, it’s also important for kids to do the same in their own space. 

At Seacoast, Kidscoast leaders have found that establishing a safe, consistent environment where kids can share their struggles has a big impact on how the child will navigate life’s challenges. Many children carry hurts from divorce or decisions a parent has made. Others face anxiety, or fear of rejection from their peers.

Kidscoast families are welcomed by Dream Team members who give their time each week to ensure that community is a priority. “We all recognize that kids have real struggles,” said Jen Cameron, Pastor of Seacoast Children’s Ministry. “We make it as much fun as possible to get kids excited, but also want to go deep, and be there for them,” she said.

The energy found in each space, meets kids at their level so they choose and want to go to church. But, it’s what happens in the margins that gives small group leaders an opportunity to help them find their identity in Christ.

During week two of the message series Parenting Hacks, Pastor Josh Walters described one ingredient to raising godly children is to widen your circle. Small groups for kids on the weekend is an example of how parents can partner with the church to share their Christian values and help their child(ren) thrive in their connection with God. Leaders are there to encourage, and pray, and establish meaningful relationships before the transitional years of middle school.

Three ways parents can partner with the church, and continue the discussion throughout the week are:

  1. Read the Parent Connect newsletter. When you check-in your kid(s) at a weekend service, you’ll automatically receive this monthly resource in your e-mail. It includes helpful tools to continue the weekend discussion, parenting articles, and a note from the Kidscoast Team.
  2. Choose a weekend service time at your campus, and do your best to stick to the same one each weekend. This will help your child see their same small group friends and leaders.
  3. Consider serving on the Kidscoast Dream Team. This is a great opportunity to show your children the importance of getting involved in the church, and it allows you to see what they are learning.

Families have the biggest influence on how to reach a child’s heart for God, but when the church and the family partner together, the influence is even greater.