Finally Home

Sara grew up with a revolving address. She and her siblings spent most of their childhood moving from home to home all over the state of Michigan. The only constant she had was the church. At the age of 12, she began to sing on the worship team. It was the only place she felt she could escape the craziness of her homelife. 

Finding Purpose

After high school, she obtained an associate degree in practical ministry and then formed a nonprofit organization in Richmond, Virginia for young women and girls who were caught in the dark world of human trafficking. The work took its toll on Sara, both mentally and physically. Saving these women from unthinkable conditions was all-consuming and began to overtake her persona. To some, she was a superhero, her work well known by many people. To traffickers, she was the enemy. At times, she feared for her own safety. 

After 10 years with the nonprofit, she resigned and sought out a life coach to help her find new direction. Encouraged to make some intentional goals and plans for herself, she started with places she wanted to visit, and Charleston made the list. From the moment she wrote it down, she did not know why, but somehow, she knew it would become home.

Finding Home

In June 2021, Sara made her first trip to the Palmetto State. Weeks beforehand, she planned out every detail—where she wanted to eat, historic sites to see, and sandy places to explore. She was determined not to waste a single moment. Sara remembers texting and Facetiming with friends in Richmond from the cobblestone streets downtown. Her friends commented that her joy was palpable, and they knew she had found a home. 

Returning to Richmond, Sara felt almost as if she had left someone she loved. She didn’t want to be anywhere else but Charleston and felt her heart telling her to go back in September. Why September, she had no idea.

Finding Her People

She researched Charleston’s real estate markets, schools, job opportunities—and churches. Seacoast surfaced immediately. Contacting Seacoast’s Sisterhood Ministry, she received a quick reply and learned about the upcoming Chosen Women’s Conference that September. Sara had to attend! She felt so secure in her direction that she asked if anyone at Seacoast would consider hosting her as a guest during Chosen. Sara had one goal for that weekend: FIND HER PEOPLE. 

Long-time Seacoast attendee, Susan Day opened her home to Sara and a few other women attending the conference from out of town. Chosen weekend proved to be fruitful with life-changing sermons and healing worship. Sara vividly remembers the prayer a total stranger prayed over her during the event.  This stranger prayed in her ear, telling her it was time to find a place to rest, heal, and find peace. It was time to come home.

After Chosen, Sara returned to Richmond, but began serving with the Seacoast Online Dream Team and joined a virtual small group with Susan. She quickly felt Seacoast becoming “her church.” Her goal was to live in Charleston by the next Chosen conference. 

Finally Home

In September of 2022, Sara achieved that goal and made the big move just two weeks before Chosen. Her year had come full circle and she was thrilled to be able to serve at the conference as an official Seacoast member.

This past fall, Sara took the literal plunge and decided to get baptized on Isle of Palms. She felt God calling her to “awaken some things that had become dormant in her for a long time.” Answering the call to baptism was a physical move of faith that symbolized for her, a new life, new hope, and new healing.  

Sara’s favorite thing about Charleston is the multitude of spots to watch the sun rise and set. The low horizon and salty air make for picture perfect displays that only God, our heavenly artist, could create. She savors the daily reminder of where God has brought her to bask in the sunshine and rest, heal, and find that promised peace. To have finally found home.


  • Baptisms are regularly celebrated at Seacoast campuses. If you’re feeling like Sara, and you’re ready to “awaken dormant areas of your life,” prayerfully consider being baptized at an upcoming baptism.
  • The Chosen Women’s Conference will be held on September 14–15. Get your tickets today and look forward to “finding your people.”


Header Image: Sara was baptized at Isle Of Palms in September 2022. Susan Day, who hosted Sara at her home during the Chosen Women’s Conference, showed up to celebrate Sara’s important decision.