First Impression Leaves Lasting Impact

First impressions really do matter. When Harry Reimers and his wife Karen first walked into the West Ashley Campus, Pastor Mac Mood was the first person to greet them. The impression Mac left with them was a person who is authentic, caring, and sincere. Upon learning that this was Harry and Karen’s first visit to Seacoast, Mac took the time to briefly explain what made Seacoast a special place to worship. For Harry and Karen, this approach made a big impression on them. They were in the process of planning a move to Charleston from Massachusetts. A prerequisite for moving was to find a great church where they could worship, be connected, and ultimately serve. 

But what made an even bigger impression on Harry was upon returning to Seacoast West Ashley Campus weeks later, Mac remembered him. “Mac became a big influence in my life,” Harry said. “My wife and I got connected to the church through him. Mac took time to get to know us, steered us to the Inside Track so we’d get a better idea of Seacoast overall and helped us get connected to a small group Bible study.”

It didn’t take long for Harry and Karen to decide to make Seacoast their church home and seek opportunities to begin serving. Harry, knowing he wanted to interact with people, pursued a greeting role. It was fascinating to him to see how many people came to Seacoast who seemed to feel like he did when he first walked through the door. Where do I go? Do I belong here?

He also discovered many were not just brand new to the area, but to church in general. One Sunday, Harry observed a lady complete a small circle in the lobby of the church. Harry smiled to himself and went up to her. “You look like you could use some help.” She responded “I’ve never done church before.” Harry offered her a coffee, briefly explained to her what Seacoast was about, and escorted her to the Worship Center, simply following what Mac Mood had done for him. After the service that Sunday, the same lady came up and thanked him. Smiling, she said, “I’ll be back. I promise.”

“It takes only one person to make all the difference to help someone go from feeling like they don’t belong to feeling at home.” – Harry Reimers

Since then, Harry has become a leader of the greeting team. “We’re ambassadors, really,” he said. “We pay attention to people and try to identify those who look new and need some extra encouragement. Even with social distancing, a smile and warm greeting can go a long way. Your eyes, your voice—even with a mask on—will still come through. Serving Jesus is a privilege and I want to provide a good model to follow, just like Mac was for Karen and me.”

It takes only one person to make all the difference to help someone go from feeling like they don’t belong to feeling at home. 

Next Steps:

  1. We would love for you to join us in making Christmas services happen! Please let us know if you can help for at least one service with our Dream Team.