What To Get A Single Mom For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. For many, it evokes the sweet notion of precious children and a doting husband, breakfast in bed, homemade cards, and the perfect brunch reservation. But for a single mom, the feelings can be… not so picturesque. The day may be filled with loneliness, regret, and disappointment. On this Mother’s Day, let’s hear from single moms about how they are feeling.

What Do You Want For Mother’s Day This Year?

Are you passing out single men? Maybe Marie Kondo will show up on my doorstep followed by a maid and crew? The practical gal in me needs new tires on the van, though. -Audra Dean, mom to Nora and Quincy (ages 7 ½  and 2 ½)

My mother always made the day special for me, I want it to be the same for my children. -Orelia Freeman, mom to Regine’e, Nivea, Shaina, and Kimora (ages 18, 15, 12, and 7)

What Does A Single Mom Need For Mother’s Day?

Go to church. Come home and take a nap. Oh, and a dinner I don’t have to cook. I don’t care how they get it, but I’m not cooking it! -Shawanda Roberts, mom to Shyheim and LaTaviya (ages 19 and 15)

How Can The Church Help Single Moms On This Day And All Year?

Keep praying for single moms. Not all of them have good emotional, physical, financial support. Some are weak from depression, gossip, postpartum depression, and poor health. Others don’t know how to be a mom. We should be advocates and not enablers to single mothers. We need to help them recognize being single and building a solid foundation for your child(ren) is important. -Sherilyn Godfrey, mom to Jordan (age 4)

Encourage single mothers. Check in on them. Support and connect them with other women who have overcome the same struggles. I feel Seacoast is doing a good job at this. -Shamekei Gray, mom to Helene, Sha’torrie, Chayil, Jamar, and Micah (ages 23, 19, 18, 17, and 10)

Acknowledge the single moms out there and remind us that we belong. We are all aware of God’s grace, but it’s nice to have affirmation because the enemy is at work and it can do a number on an already stressed out mind. I’m so proud of our Church and what is offered already to single moms (Financial Peace University, Car Care ministry, single mom small groups, etc.) It’s a huge step in a positive direction to remind us that we matter. – Audra Dean

Motherhood is always hard, but doing life alone amplifies the difficult. Those times as a mom when you aren’t sure you can even go on: the diapers need changing again, a kid is sick in the wee hours of the morning, and three children need to be in three different places at the same time. And it is all on you to figure it out. You’re the only emergency contact on that band form and the only one with a paycheck to keep the lights on. 

We see you. We see those kiddos. We know you are giving it all you can. Today, on Mother’s Day, we speak words of life and encouragement. May you know you are supported and loved. You are enough. Today and everyday.