I’m Fine (Not Really)

How are you?

The most common answer to that question is “fine,” but are you, really?

What do you do when everything is not fine? What do you do when you realize an addiction may be taking over your life, or your marriage is a wreck or you’re feeling stuck mentally, emotionally, or spiritually? What do you do when you feel depressed, and thoughts of ending it start creeping in?

It’s ok to not be ok. And there is hope in those moments where you admit that “I’m fine” isn’t the whole story.   

During our series of talks called “I’m Fine (Not Really)”, we look at four areas where we often struggle silently: 

  • Addiction
  • Emotional, mental, and spiritual health
  • Marriage
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts

We share stories of hope, and practical strategies that we can apply to help see breakthroughs in these areas. In addition to our “I’m Fine (Not Really)” series, Seacoast Church partners with several organizations to offer encouragement and support as you take steps toward healing.  

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