Kidscoast Worship Releases Second EP

Kidscoast Worship is back with their second album, titled You Say.

Seacoast Music collaborated on the album to release three new songs, all written by Seacoast Worship leaders, featuring kids’ vocals. Pastor of Seacoast Music, Garrett Abel has worked with the kids in the studio as well as live on the weekend and finds the talent of these young artists remarkable. “I still have to pinch myself to remember these are only 9-13 year-old kids.”

The title track, “You Say,” was written by Brandon Lake, Tara Banks, Natasha Simmons, and Micah Nichols as a Seacoast Worship song, but its energy and message of identity in Christ made it perfect for the Kidscoast album. Similarly, the third song, “How Sweet Your Love,” was written as an adult worship song, but found a home on the Kidscoast EP and will connect on a whole other level in this context.

“You Never Walk Away”, a song by London Gatch, will be one of the three tracks. The lyrics offer a reminder that no matter our circumstances, God doesn’t change and we can always trust him to be alongside us. 

You can download the album on any streaming platform.

Artist: Kidscoast Worship
Label: Seacoast Music
Album Title: You Say
Track Listing: “You Say,” “You Never Walk Away,” “How Sweet Your Love”
Produced by: Jordan Summers
Production Oversight: Micah Nichols
Mixed by: Neil B. Young
Mastering by: For The Record Mastering