Kidscoast Worship and Seacoast Music Release Fun and Energetic EP

Whoever said “children should be seen, not heard” obviously never heard kids like ours.

With the release of our brand new Kidscoast EP, we’re putting tired stereotypes like that to rest. Seacoast Church believes the kids in our community are young worship leaders and should be given the stage to share their talents. That’s why Seacoast Music was excited to partner with the kids of our church to create original music, displaying their God-given talent and heart for worship.

Through this process, it has become evident that the youth in this church have immeasurably more to offer. Show support for our children’s ministry by listening to the four-song album that was released on June 23 and sharing in the excitement of our Kidscoast Worship team.

Since the earliest vision of Seacoast Music came into my mind, Kidscoast Worship had always been a part of the picture. I’ve always felt we could do more to support our children’s ministry with original music created specifically for our youth and this project is that feeling coming to fruition.

Last fall we started auditioning students in our campuses and were thrilled with not only the talent we discovered but the pure hearts for worship. We’ve had an amazing experience with this entire project, and we’re already excitedly planning for the future of Kidscoast Worship and the impact it will make on the future generations of Seacoast.

Make sure you grab a copy of the Kidscoast EP the next time you’re at your Seacoast Campus, or download the digital copy at!