Moving on Faith: Trusting God’s Next Step

Adapted from an interview with Deb Meitzler, an Inside Track volunteer.

It had been 5 years since the end of my 32-year marriage. With both of my children grown and living out of state, I sensed it was time for a change, but I couldn’t see clearly what that change looked like.

What was I supposed to do at this point in my life? I had a good administrative job, working for the FBI in Indianapolis. But was I staying out of fear and for worldly reasons?

I prayed for guidance. Should I stay in Indiana? Move to South Carolina to be near my daughter? Wait until I retire? Whichever fork in the road I chose, I trusted God would use it. He knew the desires of my heart. If I lived in Charleston, I could be close to my daughter and be part of her life.


The first time I attended Seacoast was while visiting my daughter for the Fourth of July. I’d Googled ARC churches in the area, since my home church in Indy was part of the Association of Related Churches (ARC). I was surprised to recognize Pastor Greg! He had spoken at itown Church during one of the retreats. It seemed serendipitous that I would stumble upon Seacoast—and I felt even more that way after hearing Pastor Greg’s sermon about trusting God.

I filled out the Connect card and took it to the Info Center after service, where I met a couple from the Midwest, who’d moved to Charleston without having jobs. They’d moved on faith. And another girl at the Info Center had done the same! The message was clear.

Time to Go

Returning to Indianapolis, I quit my job, sold my house, and moved to South Carolina. I immediately began attending Seacoast and I signed up for the Inside Track, the program to learn more about the church. I was the first person at my table, and I liked it that way—to sit where I could see people coming toward me, so I could stand, greet them, and introduce myself. I’ve always had a gift for hospitality and connecting people. But God had something additional in mind.

“Whichever fork in the road I chose, I trusted God would use it.”

~Deb Meitzler, Inside Track volunteer

The second week of Inside Track, our table leader wanted to hear our stories. When he learned I was looking for a job, he asked for my résumé to send to some business colleagues who were part of a Christian group of CEOs. I am blessed to say that I now work for one of those CEOs.

Deb Meitzler

Deb with her daughter, Alyse (left) and Inside Track leader, Nicole Popadich (right).

It is scary to move into the unknown on faith; that’s why it is so hard. But when we listen and respond to God, he responds to us. When God calls you into a future that you cannot see, I hope you move into it with confidence. This past Christmas Eve, lighting candles and singing “Silent Night” with my daughter and her boyfriend, I felt such joy, knowing I’d found my new home.

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