Navigating Mental Health Challenges with Seacoast’s Resources

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to acknowledge that one in five American adults battle mental, behavioral, or emotional challenges. Chances are, you or someone close to you face these hurdles every day. Over the years, Seacoast has provided resources, from impactful messages and enlightening podcasts to personalized counseling and stories of victory. Below, you will find several of these resources to offer hope and encouragement as you navigate mental health.

Topics such as depression, trauma, stress, and addiction are covered in our mental health messages.

The Seacoast Podcast has recorded several conversations around the topic of mental health. You are not alone in your struggles, take a listen to hear from others who have faced challenges.


Seacoast Resources – If you or someone you know is in need of help with addiction or mental health, visit Seacoast Resources for a list of opportunities designed to help provide healing.

Counseling – Seacoast offers encouraging support through pastoral counseling and the Seacoast Counseling Center.

Be encouraged by this collection of inspiring stories and articles that offer hope to those facing mental health challenges.