The ROAD: Revealing God’s Love In Your Life

Every Christian has probably asked, “How can I understand the Bible and apply it to my life?” Well, here is a tool to help you answer this fundamental question. We call it the ROAD because we’re all on a path, trying to follow God, and one of the most important things we can do to learn to follow him is to read the Bible.

The Bible is essentially a story about how God loves and pursues his people. It’s God’s inspired revelation—his invitation to get to know him and be transformed by truth. But the Bible doesn’t work by osmosis. We must put in some effort—read, study, meditate, and memorize what God has to say about life and how best to live it. 

The ROAD can help you worship the Father as you focus on Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to transform your head, heart, and life.

How To Use ROAD

In this new year, let’s read and respond to God’s Word in a new way:

R – Read
Read a portion of Scripture every day. It could be a chapter or a few verses. Be open to the Holy Spirit highlighting a verse or a phrase or even a word. Write it down and ask God to speak to you through it.

O – Observe
Note the context of the passage of Scripture you chose. Who is talking? Who are they talking to? What are they talking about? 

A – Apply
Ask God to reveal how this verse applies to your life. What specific ways will you live differently as a result of what you’ve read?

D – Depend
Admit to God how much you need his strength to obey this verse.  Write out your prayer as an act of surrender and need for his help.

ROAD Daily Checklist

Record your insights.  

  • Write today’s date.
  • Write the main verse or portion of the verse. (Read)
  • Write what you notice about the Scripture. (Observe)
  • Describe what you will do with what God has shown you. (Apply)
  • Write out your prayer of dependence on God to help you obey. (Depend)

Sample ROAD Entry

R – Read
“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father in heaven,” Matthew 6:1.

O – Observe
Jesus warns us of the tendency to do right things for wrong reasons, and he reveals how we often trust in “our works-righteousness” instead of “Christ-righteousness.”

A – Apply
I am shocked at how many times I do something for God and then quickly tell others what I have done. Who am I really doing it for? Why do I constantly have to fight the temptation to tell everyone how much I am serving God? Today and for the next week, I will pick up after my family without making it known that I am doing it.  

D – Depend
Lord, I want to find my meaning—my importance and significance—in what Christ has done for me, not what I do for him. I want to get my righteousness from Christ, so I can freely serve others.  

What about you? What do you hope to see change in this new year? Does it make sense for us to expect God to change our lives for the good if we’re not using the greatest tools he has given us: prayer and his Word?