Seth’s Story Of Healing

The afternoon of our first healing service in January, campus pastors were introduced to Joshua Silverberg and Wes Pickering, who would lead the service that night. After lunch, Wes asked if anyone had lower back pain. I was the only one, so Wes placed his hand on my lower back and said a simple and direct prayer. 

And This, Too

All the tightness in my back was gone. It felt great! As Wes was turning away, I said, “pray for my shoulder as well as the nerves in my face.” I have had several mini strokes and my face constantly tingles. Wes prayed for both ailments and the tingling stopped. My right shoulder went down. Prior to this, my shoulders had been feeling pulled up by strings. He prayed again for the left. It went down as well. Perfect alignment. 

Another cool thing: I didn’t ask for prayer for improved blood circulation, but that’s better, too. My feet aren’t freezing anymore when I sit and my restless legs aren’t jumpy anymore at night.  

God has healed me in so many ways—several I didn’t even ask for. Yet some things remain. My jaw still clicks and pops. We have prayed several times, but still nothing. And for my wife—her massive migraines have gone away, but her skin irritations persist.

I tell you this to give you hope. 

His Timing

I’ve seen 3–5 people a week healed of things that we pray for, but there are some who still aren’t healed…yet. For some reason, most of the healings aren’t instantaneous. After I pray, people will say “thank you. That was a nice prayer. But the pain is still there.” Then I will get a call or email anywhere from a few minutes to days afterward that the pain is gone.  

I think God is teaching me that healing is in his timing and in his way so that he gets all the credit. I want it to happen as soon as I pray, of course, and sometimes it has. But God has been showing me to just be faithful and pray. He will take care of the rest.