Stay To The End: One Girl’s Shining Moment

Every teenage girl planning to go to the prom dreams of wearing something beautiful: the perfect dress, the right touches of jewelry, the glamorous shoes. Cinderella Day, held annually in March at the North Charleston Dream Center, helps make that possible. Last year, over 250 girls enjoyed a free shopping spree for the prom, selecting a dress and accessories and having their hair and makeup done in preparation for a glam photo session.

Sometimes the best moments come a little later than you expect. Sometimes you have to wait till the end.

It had been a busy day of organized chaos—of swirling tulle and laughter. Unaware one last girl remained in the dressing room, a late arrival, the Cinderella Day team had begun packing up.

“Wait! There’s still a girl coming through!” one of the volunteers called to those boxing shoes and accessories. Necklaces, high heels, and hairpieces were reset in place. Eventually the girl stepped timidly from the dressing room, wearing a brilliant yellow, floor-length gown.

“Since she was the last one, all eyes were on her,” Alysha Brown, the Cinderella Day Chair, said, “and there was a collective intake of breath at how beautiful she looked. Hearing our response, she just broke out with the biggest smile. I can still picture it. That smile is why we do all this. Too many girls never experience “that moment” to feel special. But every year at Cinderella Day, we see girls transform, see their confidence grow before our eyes.”

When it was time for photos, professional photographer Amaris Hames straightened the girl’s yellow dress and smoothed her dark hair, but couldn’t help noticing tears welling in the girl’s eyes. “How was your day?” she asked casually. 

“Today was amazing! Seriously, in case no one else said anything, thank you from the bottom of ALL of our hearts. This experience…I would never have been able to afford a dress, or shoes, gosh or even jewelry! You have no idea how much this means. You have no idea how much you’ve done. Thank you so much.”

Sometimes a few extra minutes can make all the difference. It’s worth staying to the end and maybe a bit longer.

Photo Release Party

For the first time, a follow-up photo release party will be celebrated at the North Charleston Dream Center on March 13, where every girl who participated in Cinderella Day will receive a high-quality 5×7 print from their photo session. There will be pizza and cupcakes along with a drawing for a 50-inch television! This event will be held in conjunction with a Custom student Wednesday night service.

What about you? Join us on March 2 for the 12th annual Cinderella Day from 9am-1pm at the North Charleston Dream Center. We are in need of potluck dishes for breakfast and lunch for the girls and volunteers. Visit to sign up.