Take the Inside Track at Seacoast

Inside Track (noun): a position of advantage
/ˈinˌsīd ˌtrak/the inner, shorter track of a course 

We want to give you every advantage in getting connected. Seacoast is a big church, but we hope to make it feel smaller and smaller. You’re part of a community, not just a number, or a face in the crowd. There’s no need to miss out because you didn’t know certain programs and groups existed. That’s why we offer the Inside Track, a three-session course designed to help you find what you’re looking for in the most direct and simple way. 

Inside Track helps you understand the mission and culture of Seacoast and provides great opportunities during group time to develop new friendships and get plugged in to serve in areas that matter to you. Plus there’s food. Did we mention that? And it’s a fun crowd. 

Gareth and Ashley Davies know firsthand the impact that getting connected in the church can have. Watch the video below. 



“It’s really cool to see the impact that the Inside Track can have on people’s lives.” ~ Gareth Davies

At Seacoast, we want to help you find an encouraging and supportive community to help you live out your faith. Inside Track is a great place to start looking for a small group and take your next steps. 

What about you? Even if you’ve been coming to Seacoast for a while, we’re betting you’ll discover something at Inside Track that you didn’t know. To learn more, or find a session, visit the Inside Track.