Togo Village Experiences Clean Water For First Time

As we headed into the village of Gadassoukope in Togo, West Africa, we passed a woman walking on the roadside with a baby on her back, a live chicken in her hand, and a massive, overflowing bowl of vegetables on her head. For her this was probably a common everyday occurrence, but for me, she was the most incredible example of multitasking I’d ever seen.

Our team of ten women from Seacoast Sisterhood wanted to be where the people were—and that wasn’t behind the walls of a hotel or even a church. It was here in the villages, where so many of our missions teams have gone before us to bring the light of Jesus. For twenty years, Seacoast has partnered with Pioneers Togo to plant churches and create communities of new life, and I tell you, there is nothing like entering these villages and feeling an atmosphere of hope…even as they have such gaping needs and lack so much we take for granted. Like clean water.

During our visit, I followed the village children along a narrow and winding path to see where they got their water, to see their well. A team member had warned me not to cry when I saw it. But still, I was unprepared. The children gathered around…a puddle. Their “well,” was a puddle.

Would you drink this water? As a mother, can you imagine having no choice but to give it to your children? My heart broke. We had to do something—something tangible to show the love of Christ. 

As soon as Seacoast learned of the situation, they said, “yes” to a well. I am so happy to tell you, the day before Thanksgiving, we received news that the drilling company found clean water in the center of the village. And now, the well is finished. For the first time in the history of the village, they have clean water. You can’t imagine the joy and the lives it will change!

What about you? How are you making a difference? Will you see the need and not look away? Let’s stand and serve together. Maybe it’s time to go on one of our many global missions trips in 2019. Or maybe you feel led to pray and offer support. For us, a few dollars buys a latte, but in many developing countries, a few dollars can give life. To learn more about missions trips and how you can make a difference, please visit