An Unexpected Friendship Becomes An Answer To Prayer

After 22 years of working as a caregiver for individuals with special needs, Lorrie Corr felt the pull to leave that career, so she could be more available for her own family. Her passion for serving these families had cost her hours away from her own. During her transition out of caregiving, she continued to ask God to reveal how he would bring her back to serving the special needs community.

While running unusually late to the Seacoast Summerville campus one Sunday morning, Lorrie’s family was walking near another family. That’s when Brianna, a small 9-year-old child with special needs, grabbed Lorrie’s hand and said “You’re my new friend.” The two had never met before. Lorrie escorted her new friend to the Won By One classroom. This ministry serves children with special needs while their families attend the church service. Parents have the peace of mind knowing their child will learn about the love of God in an area that is safe, fun, and suitable to their learning needs.

“Everything we would like to be; true, present, pure. That’s who they are. They care about today, and that you’re here.”

During the service, Lorrie wept, and her husband asked, “are you getting the message now?” Brianna was the answer to Lorrie’s prayers, and she couldn’t hold back on her calling anymore. She contacted Charlotte Cox, Pastor of Children’s Ministry at the Summerville campus, and began volunteering in the classroom the following week. Brianna doesn’t leave her side.

Lorrie has become an instrumental part of Won By One at the Summerville campus. She is using her caregiving background to shape the way the classroom can best serve families. She also assists with the annual Luke 14 Banquet, a prom for all ages of people with special needs and their families. This year, Lorrie attended with her 20-year-old neighbor as her guest. This was her neighbor’s first prom.

It is a “fulfillment of joy” for Lorrie to serve in Won By One. “They are special, and they fill our needs,” she said.

Won By One is offered at the Mount Pleasant and Summerville campuses. Every week families find consistency in the volunteers who serve them. “It’s not about how much experience you have, it’s a willingness to serve,” Charlotte said about growing the Dream Team. 

What about you? Lorrie knew she wanted to serve people with special needs, but needed God to reveal to her what that would look like. Where do you sense God wants you to fulfill your purpose? Are you willing to take the next step to make it happen?