Seacoast Stories: Find God

A Lot More Than Water

However long we’ve stayed away, God never gives up on us. This past winter, two men with very different stories found their own unique ways [...]

Defying a Legacy

#care #Griefshare #Sisterhood #addiction #recovery #Encouragers #Dream Center
We will all leave a legacy—and our choices will determine what kind. Yvonne hadn’t been to church since age 11—and she hadn’t even liked it [...]

Camp Changed My Life

#summer camp #Camp
"Attending Summer Camp was the best decision I’ve ever made. And my relationship with God transformed."

Seacoast Worship Releases “How Beautiful”

#Seacoast Worship #How Beautiful
Seacoast Worship has released an incredible, celebratory song about the hope we have in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Moving on Faith: Trusting God’s Next Step

#Serving #Inside Track #Dream Team #ARC
It is scary to move into the unknown on faith; that’s why it is so hard.

Imagine Seacoast

#Grow Your Faith #Greg Surratt #Imagine Seacoast
As cement is poured and walls begin to go up, the Imagine vision is finally taking shape.

Seacoast Annual Report 2016-2017

#Annual Report
Our annual report is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished together across our ministries and campuses this past year

A Simple Ask

Citadel Cadet, Jason Pinnow, makes a life changing decision after being asked to attend Seacoast Church.

A Fresh Start

#find god #Small Group #Giving
Sometimes you just need someone to give you a little push. If the leader of Will and Meredith Huggin’s married small group hadn’t encouraged the [...]


What Is Seacoast Doing? Today our pastors will be serving with the Charleston Coastal Chaplaincy and will be attending community prayer services for the city. [...]