Seacoast Stories: Grow Your Faith

10 Books to Read This Summer

#Summer Reading
If you had to sum up your life in books, what would be on your bookshelf? Probably some books from when you were little—Berenstain Bears, [...]

10 Things We’ve Learned From 42 Years Of Marriage

#Greg & Debbie Surratt #Marriage
Founding Pastors Greg and Debbie Surratt have gained valuable wisdom during their 42 years of marriage. Here are just a few of their many helpful [...]

3 Tips for Understanding What Jesus Said

#Grow Your Faith #Jesus Said
You look down, read the text message your significant other sent, and thought to yourself, “What does THAT mean?”

A Place For Us

#At The Movies #Grow Your Faith #The Greatest Showman
Movies reveal a lot about our culture’s fears, hopes, and values. During our summer At The Movies series, we’re talking about what moves us and [...]

A Woman’s Great Adventure

#At The Movies #Grow Your Faith #Small Group #Wonder Woman
Joining my first small group this summer has been my best experience yet at Seacoast. We are reading a book together called Captivating by John [...]

Abbie’s Story of Healing

#Grow Your Faith #Healing #Miracle Service #myseacoaststory
We are not meant to keep to ourselves what God is doing in our lives. So today, I want to share my healing story. On [...]

Angry Like Jesus

#Anger #Grow Your Faith #Where's The Love
One of the most important things we learn to do as we grow up is distinguish between good and bad anger. Some anger is unreasonable, [...]

Can You Really Trust God?

#Can You Trust God #Grow Your Faith #Trust God
When you get right down to it, we don’t really think God knows us, and we aren’t sure he knows what’s best for us.

Cody’s Story of Healing

#Grow Your Faith #Healing #Men's Hike #Miracle Service #myseacoaststory
January 23 is a date that will forever be marked on my calendar. It isn’t my birthday, my anniversary, or any of my children’s birthdays. [...]

Deborah’s Story Of Healing

#Grow Your Faith #Healing #miracle
I’ve been searching for a way to put into words the significance of January 23, 2019. Simply put: Miracles still happen. I’m living proof. In [...]

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

#Care Care Ministry #Griefshare #Grow Your Faith #Single Moms
“But in the darkest of situations, in the darkest corners, God shines through in a way you would never experience otherwise.”

Family is Messy, and That’s OK. Here’s why:

#Family #Grow Your Faith #This Is Us
I remember very clearly the day my illusions about my family were shattered forever.

Father’s Day: The Other Side of Things

#Father's Day #Grow Your Faith #myseacoaststory #single dads
A single dad inspired the creation of Father’s Day. In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd sat in church, wondering: if mothers had a day to honor [...]

Financial Peace University

#Financial Peace University
What a Snapshot Tells Us Snapshots capture more than we’d like sometimes. They catch unflattering moments, our mouths open, or our eyes mid-blink. Yet some [...]

Finding Breakthrough With Community

#Connect Weekend #Grow Your Faith #small groups
During a dark season in Zach and Megan’s lives, they began to look for a church with an authentic and transparent feel. At the time, [...]

Finding Purpose

#Chosen Women's Conference #Dangerous #Discover Your Purpose
Adapted from an interview with Jess Reger Her first round of chemo was called Red Devil. The nurses wore HAZMAT suits to administer it to [...]

For Those We Haven’t Met Yet

#Grow Your Faith #Imagine #myseacoaststory
What did your life look like 20 years ago? Were you about to get a driver’s license? Still in college? Starting a family? Chances are [...]

Forgiving the Unforgivable

#battles to breakthrough #find god
Forgiveness is one of the hardest things God asks us to do. Why is it so important to forgive someone who has hurt us?

Freedom from Anxiety

#Anxiety #Grow Your Faith #small groups
This week, we celebrate freedom. As a writer and a Christian, I am especially grateful for the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. [...]

Game Night Creates “Ohana”

#Grow Your Faith #small groups
Shaun and Jessica Key’s small group started from a casual, summer game night at their house. Forming a group for married couples wasn’t our intention,” [...]

How Do We Make The Supernatural Become Natural?

#Ghost Stories #Grow Your Faith
When we read stories or see art from the ancient world or the middle ages, it often looks fantastical. Mythical beasts, demons, and angels are [...]

I’ll Send You an Army

#Counseling #Depression #Grow Your Faith #Healing #Physical Trauma
“You are asking for one person to share your life, but I am not going to send just one to help carry your burden, I [...]

Kidscoast Worship and Seacoast Music Release Fun and Energetic EP

#Kidscoast Worship #Seacoast Music
Whoever said “children should be seen, not heard” obviously never heard kids like ours. With the release of our brand new Kidscoast EP, we’re putting [...]

Not Just A Number

#Grow Your Faith #myseacoaststory
Written from an interview with Kara Slick Majewski When my son Johnny was in elementary school, his friends invited him to Seacoast. He asked me [...]

Not On Your Own

#Connect Weekend #Grow Your Faith #Johns Island Campus
When David Sohns was diagnosed with cancer, he and his wife Erin shared the news through tears with their Seacoast Johns Island family. They were [...]

Our Foster Care Story

#foster care #Greenville Campus #Grow Your Faith #Local Missions
After our daughter, Karsyn, turned 6, my husband, Zack, and I were ready to expand our family. Shortly after, we were excited to find out [...]


#find god #Global Missions #Grow Your Faith #Haiti
Guest post by Maggie Robinson I have gone on three mission trips to Morency, Haiti since last summer. Every time I’ve traveled there, I returned [...]

Returning Home

#Grow Your Faith
At Seacoast, part of our mission is to help people find God. Our attendees continue to imagine a future where we can offer as many [...]

Seth’s Story Of Healing

#Conway #Grow Your Faith #Healing #Miracle Service
The afternoon of our first healing service in January, campus pastors were introduced to Joshua Silverberg and Wes Pickering, who would lead the service that night. After [...]

Taking Down Language Barriers

#Connect Weekend #Dream Team #small groups #Translation Team
When Jessica Serrão arrived in Charleston from Brazil, she was invited to Seacoast, and soon began attending regularly. To immerse herself in the culture, and [...]

The Importance of Connection

#Columbia Campus #Grow Your Faith #Small Group
Sometimes it seems like no one could possibly understand what you’re going through—but then you join a small group. God is a pro at bringing [...]

The Miraculous Blessings of Prayerful Healing

#Ghost Stories #Grow Your Faith #Healing #myseacoaststory #prayer
Adapted from an interview with Micah Nichols Believing in God is to believe in the supernatural. So why do we often doubt God’s intervention in [...]

The Power Of Camp

#Custom Students #summer camp
Power of Camp Four days. What if that’s all it takes for something to happen that you’ve been praying for, maybe for a long time? [...]

The Promise At The End of A Christmas Song

I hear Christmas songs playing in the coffee shop, retail store, brewery, and tire shop. Everywhere I go. I’m not complaining—I love hearing them. But [...]

The Unrecognized Sides of Prejudice

#biracial #Grow Your Faith #Unity #Where's The Love
Sometimes we don’t realize the assumptions we make, the stereotypes we blindly accept, the divisions we create. In our Where’s the Love? series, we are [...]

Time to Renovate

#Grow Your Faith #Prayer and Fasting
I’m having a hard time concentrating. My husband is cutting out the fiberglass tub surround in the downstairs bathroom as I write (well, try to [...]

Unraveling The Truth

#Grow Your Faith
In 2008, I only came to Charleston to help my parents move and get settled in. I was ready to go home, having been sick [...]

VBS Amped 2018 Recap

VBS 2018 was an amazing week! We saw God do big things in the hearts of your children and we’re grateful you allowed us to [...]

What Can We Make Of The Present When We Compare It With The Past?

#Grow Your Faith #Seacoast Vintage
When I walk through the halls of Seacoast, I walk through memories. They live in the rooms, sit in the chairs, waiting for me to [...]

What I Didn’t Expect as a Mom

#Grow Your Faith #Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day! We would like to honor all the moms out there by sharing a few of their voices, their hearts…and their experiences—the small [...]

What To Do When You Face Divine Delays

#Delays #Grow Your Faith #Josh Surratt
Lead Pastor Josh Surratt shares a little history on Paul’s time in Caesarea and some perspective on tackling the divine delays in your own life.

What’s Going On At Seacoast?

That’s certainly a common question that I’m asked regularly these days. The easy answer is that God seems to be at work. But honestly, God [...]

When We Want to Ask Why

#Grow Your Faith
Yes, I was praying for God to save him, but the thought that kept going through my mind was ‘Please don’t let this cause me [...]

Worship Center Construction to Begin

#Grow Your Faith #Josh Surratt #new building