VBS DAY 1 Recap

Bible Story: Joseph and His Brothers (The Life of Joseph) • Genesis 37, 39-45, 50:19-20  

Memory Verse: “I have come so they may have life. I want them to have it in the fullest possible way.” John 10:10b, NIrV 

Bottom Line: Live like you know God is with you. 

Hey Parents!  

All week we’re discovering more about what it means to live a life that is AMPED! That means living fully alive. Everything we say and do is about living the best life possible. And that is the life that God has for us through Jesus! 

Today, we took a closer look at someone from the Old Testament who was an amazing example of what it means to live fully alive, a man named Joseph. He lived our Bottom Line for today: Live like you know God is with you.  

No matter what happened to Joseph, he continued to trust that God was with him. We can do the same thing. Through good times and bad times, we can trust God no matter what and believe that he’ll get us through whatever we face. He is always with us! Living like that is part of what it means to be AMPED and fully alive. 

AMPED Announcements: 

  • Be sure to have your parent security tag at dismissal. We will accept a photo of the tag as well. 
  • We will be collecting money for Water Mission all week. We suggest that you put the money in a baggie and label it with your child’s name. Their small group leader can hold onto it for safekeeping until it is time to give the money. 

FAMILY DEVO: Read Genesis 39:1-4. Then read Genesis 39:19b-21. 

If anyone knew about ups and downs, it was Joseph. And let’s be honest, there were some drops, lifts, corkscrews, and cobra rolls in there, too. Joseph’s whole life was basically one giant roller coaster! 

Look at these two verses from two different points in Joseph’s journey. One was a high point. One was a major low. But there was one thing that stayed the same: the Lord was with him. 

God was with Joseph when things were going great. And God was with him when everything was falling apart. Through all the ups and downs and twists and turns, God never left him. 

It’s easy to feel like God is with you when things are going the way you want them to. The hard part is remembering that God is with you when things are tough. But that’s when you need to remember it the most! God can help you persevere. He can help you trust.  He’s working in your life, whether you can see it or not.  

Right now, your life is probably full of some good things and some tough things. So, what does that mean for you today? How can you live like God is with you? 

READ: Genesis 39:20-25 

While Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him. He was kind to him. So, the man running the prison was pleased with Joseph. He put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners. He made him responsible for everything done there. The man who ran the prison didn’t pay attention to anything in Joseph’s care. That’s because the Lord was with Joseph. He gave Joseph success in everything he did. 

Joseph faced some crazy situations. From being sold off by his brothers, to being wrongfully accused and thrown in jail, to being promoted as second in command over all of Egypt, Joseph’s life seems like one big roller coaster ride. But through all the ups and downs and twists and turns, Joseph wasn’t alone. He trusted and believed that God was with him. And even in the midst of some of the worst situations, God blessed Joseph and took care of him. 

You’ll probably never face circumstances like the ones Joseph faced. But you will face hard things. What you have to remember is that in the good and in the bad, you are never alone. God is with you, always. He made you, he loves you, and he will never leave you. So just like Joseph, you can choose to live like you know God is with you. 

ASK God to help you remember daily that you are never alone.  Pray a prayer like this: 

AMPED PRAYER: “Dear God, I know you are always there, but please help me to remember that you are there even when I feel alone. I love you God. Amen.” 


Ask a kid: Share at least one UP and one DOWN thing that happened to you today. Then talk with your parent about how God was with you in the ups and the downs. (P.S. God being with you no matter what is a pretty awesome UP, right?!) Ask a parent: When have you felt God was with you the most in your life? Was it during an UP time or a DOWN time? How did knowing God was with you change how you responded to that situation?