What Does it Take to Be Satisfied?

I wonder what could happen if we all took something we usually consider an aspiration, and turned it into a declaration. Here’s what I mean: When we ask ourselves “Am I satisfied” the answer is almost always “no!” Sometimes that answer comes from a place of disappointment or discouragement. Sometimes it comes from a place of ambition, from a place of dreaming. But sometimes I think that answer can also come from fear, from the nagging sense that maybe being satisfied is… bad. If I’m satisfied, does that mean I’ve settled? Does it mean I’m too easily pleased? On the other hand, what if I’m never satisfied?

I Am Satisfied

The solution isn’t necessarily to raise or lower our standards or expectations, but rather to redirect our attention to God. Only he can satisfy us and all of our hopes and desires ultimately point to him. When we realize this, and when we invite the Holy Spirit to fill us, we can honestly say, “I am satisfied.”


If you took that step this weekend or just now, wherever you are, I want to invite you to check out some additional resources that will help you learn more about what it mean to live a Spirit-filled, satisfied life.

Read Fresh Air by Chris Hodges, and check out the accompanying devotional on YouVersion.

Read The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris.

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