Seacoast Stories: Update

Seacoast Worship Releases “How Beautiful”

#Seacoast Worship #How Beautiful
Seacoast Worship has released an incredible, celebratory song about the hope we have in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Imagine Seacoast

#Grow Your Faith #Greg Surratt #Imagine Seacoast
As cement is poured and walls begin to go up, the Imagine vision is finally taking shape.

Seacoast Annual Report 2016-2017

#Annual Report
Our annual report is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished together across our ministries and campuses this past year

Thank You Seacoast Church

Seacoast has been working with our ARC church partners in Florida to resource them financially and to let them know we are available to serve [...]

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Many of you have been asking what Seacoast is doing to help with Hurricane Harvey relief work. Like the rest of the country, we have [...]

Worship Center Construction to Begin

#Josh Surratt #new building


What Is Seacoast Doing? Today our pastors will be serving with the Charleston Coastal Chaplaincy and will be attending community prayer services for the city. [...]