Seacoast Stories: Video


What Is Seacoast Doing? Today our pastors will be serving with the Charleston Coastal Chaplaincy and will be attending community prayer services for the city. [...]

A Better Life

#Discover Your Purpose #find god
From an orphanage, to seeing God’s love in a forever family, Sara Jenkin’s experiences the better life she had only heard about.

A Simple Ask

#find god
Citadel Cadet, Jason Pinnow, makes a life changing decision after being asked to attend Seacoast Church.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

#Care Care Ministry #Griefshare #Grow Your Faith #Single Moms
“But in the darkest of situations, in the darkest corners, God shines through in a way you would never experience otherwise.”

Finding Breakthrough With Community

#Connect Weekend #Grow Your Faith #small groups
During a dark season in Zach and Megan’s lives, they began to look for a church with an authentic and transparent feel. At the time, [...]

Game Night Creates “Ohana”

#Grow Your Faith #small groups Shaun and Jessica Key’s small group started from a casual, summer game night at their house. Forming a group for married couples wasn’t our [...]

How To Be a Man

#custom #Dream Center #find god #North Charleston
DayDay grew up in the Lincoln Projects of New York City. Alone, he took a bus to Charleston, South Carolina—where his life did an about-face. [...]

I’m Singing

#Discover Your Purpose #Japan #Make a Difference #School of Worship
Guest post by Marabeth Duncan A storm brewed on the horizon as I sat at the top of the stairs that led down to the [...]

Imagine Seacoast

#Greg Surratt #Grow Your Faith #Imagine Seacoast
As cement is poured and walls begin to go up, the Imagine vision is finally taking shape.

Kidscoast Worship and Seacoast Music Release Fun and Energetic EP

#Kidscoast Worship #Seacoast Music
Whoever said “children should be seen, not heard” obviously never heard kids like ours. With the release of our brand new Kidscoast EP, we’re putting [...]

Not On Your Own

#Connect Weekend #Grow Your Faith #Johns Island Campus
When David Sohns was diagnosed with cancer, he and his wife Erin shared the news through tears with their Seacoast Johns Island family. They were [...]

Relief Efforts Continue

#Giving #Make a Difference
Irma is long gone but her effects will be felt for weeks and months to come. We are committed to helping those who have been [...]

Reversing A Relapse

#Celebrate Recovery #custom #find god #SEU #summer camp As soon as her dad dropped her off at church and his car turned the corner, Kayla, then in middle school, would leave to [...]

Seacoast Worship Releases “Lament”

#Seacoast Worship
“I think this song is going to bring a lot of freedom and peace to a lot of people who might not know how to [...]

She Is There

#find god #Grow Your Faith
John and Lorri’s Story A husband grieves, and hopes, as his wife battles cancer and comes to terms with her Savior.

Shine a Light on Integrity

#Discover Your Purpose #Make a Difference
 “I was an ordinary cop with an extraordinary cause. My cause is constant – to unearth corruption and shine a light on integrity,” – [...]

Take the Inside Track at Seacoast

#Discover Your Purpose #Dream Team #Inside Track
Inside Track (noun): a position of advantage /ˈinˌsīd ˌtrak/the inner, shorter track of a course  We want to give you every advantage in getting connected. [...]

Taking Down Language Barriers

#Connect Weekend #Dream Team #small groups #Translation Team When Jessica Serrão arrived in Charleston from Brazil, she was invited to Seacoast, and soon began attending regularly. To immerse herself in the culture, [...]

Thank You Seacoast Church

Seacoast has been working with our ARC church partners in Florida to resource them financially and to let them know we are available to serve [...]

The Importance of Connection

#Columbia Campus #Grow Your Faith #Small Group
Sometimes it seems like no one could possibly understand what you’re going through—but then you join a small group. God is a pro at bringing [...]

The Secret to Serving at VBS

#Amped #Kidscoast #Make a Difference #VBS #Volunteer
VBS is less than two months away (June 25–28), and we are already AMPED for what God has in store for our Kindergarten–5th  graders! We want [...]

VBS Amped 2018 Recap

VBS 2018 was an amazing week! We saw God do big things in the hearts of your children and we’re grateful you allowed us to [...]

What To Do When You Face Divine Delays

#Delays #Grow Your Faith #Josh Surratt
Lead Pastor Josh Surratt shares a little history on Paul’s time in Caesarea and some perspective on tackling the divine delays in your own life.

When We Want to Ask Why

#Grow Your Faith
Yes, I was praying for God to save him, but the thought that kept going through my mind was ‘Please don’t let this cause me [...]

Worship Center Construction to Begin

#Grow Your Faith #Josh Surratt #new building