February 16 – March 23, 2014

Messy Faith: Finding Our Story in Esther

Have you ever wondered why your life doesn’t look like a Bible story? In the Bible, God talks directly to people and guides them. They always know what is the right thing to do is, even if they don’t do it. People seem to have the sense that God is always there, just within their reach. But the book of Esther is different. God is not mentioned once. In this story, people have to figure out things for themselves and the ending doesn’t seem altogether “good.” But it’s clear that God used Esther. Her story is a great example to us that our lives do not need to be neat and tidy for God to work. Sometimes we feel like we’re groping along in the dark, but Esther reminds us that we can trust that God is with us, even when we cannot see him.