Seacoast Stories: Chosen Women’s Conference

Finding Purpose

#Chosen Women's Conference #Dangerous #Discover Your Purpose
Adapted from an interview with Jess Reger Her first round of chemo was called Red Devil. The nurses wore HAZMAT suits to administer it to [...]

Hope For Her: Chosen Breakout Session

#Chosen Women's Conference #Make a Difference #missions
7 in 7 / The Worship Center Led by Mo Isom, author and Chosen Speaker Join us for 7 in 7, where 7 speakers share for 7 [...]

The Three Most Dangerous Words And How You Can Help

#Chosen Women's Conference #Make a Difference #missions
Every girl deserves the chance to be dangerous, not just endangered. Together, let’s provide Hope for Her! In many parts of the world, the three most [...]