Seacoast Stories: Grow Your Faith

3 Tips for Understanding What Jesus Said

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You look down, read the text message your significant other sent, and thought to yourself, “What does THAT mean?”

A Place For Us

#Grow Your Faith #At The Movies #The Greatest Showman
Movies reveal a lot about our culture’s fears, hopes, and values. During our summer At The Movies series, we’re talking about what moves us and [...]

A Woman’s Great Adventure

#Grow Your Faith #Small Group #At The Movies #Wonder Woman
Joining my first small group this summer has been my best experience yet at Seacoast. We are reading a book together called Captivating by John [...]

Angry Like Jesus

#Grow Your Faith #Where's The Love #Anger
One of the most important things we learn to do as we grow up is distinguish between good and bad anger. Some anger is unreasonable, [...]

Can You Really Trust God?

#Grow Your Faith #Trust God #Can You Trust God
When you get right down to it, we don’t really think God knows us, and we aren’t sure he knows what’s best for us.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

#Grow Your Faith #Single Moms #Griefshare #Care Care Ministry
“But in the darkest of situations, in the darkest corners, God shines through in a way you would never experience otherwise.”

Family is Messy, and That’s OK. Here’s why:

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I remember very clearly the day my illusions about my family were shattered forever.

For Those We Haven’t Met Yet

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What did your life look like 20 years ago? Were you about to get a driver’s license? Still in college? Starting a family? Chances are [...]

Game Night Creates “Ohana”

#Grow Your Faith #small groups
Shaun and Jessica Key’s small group started from a casual, summer game night at their house. Forming a group for married couples wasn’t our intention,” [...]

Grow Your Faith While Exploring The Holy Land

#Grow Your Faith #Israel Trip
Join Pastor Greg Surratt for a study program in Israel designed for Seacoast members who want to discover the roots of our faith and deepen their study [...]

How Do We Make The Supernatural Become Natural?

#Grow Your Faith #Ghost Stories
When we read stories or see art from the ancient world or the middle ages, it often looks fantastical. Mythical beasts, demons, and angels are [...]

Imagine Seacoast

#Grow Your Faith #Greg Surratt #Imagine Seacoast
As cement is poured and walls begin to go up, the Imagine vision is finally taking shape.

I’ll Send You an Army

#Depression #Counseling #Physical Trauma #Healing #Grow Your Faith
“You are asking for one person to share your life, but I am not going to send just one to help carry your burden, I [...]

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

#Grow Your Faith #find god #kids
Last week we were having dinner and recapping our days when my 7 year-old son, Miles, announced that he needed my advice on something. At [...]


#Grow Your Faith #find god #Global Missions #Haiti
Guest post by Maggie Robinson I have gone on three mission trips to Morency, Haiti since last summer. Every time I’ve traveled there, I returned [...]

Returning Home

#Grow Your Faith
At Seacoast, part of our mission is to help people find God. Our attendees continue to imagine a future where we can offer as many [...]

She Is There

#Grow Your Faith #find god
John and Lorri’s Story A husband grieves, and hopes, as his wife battles cancer and comes to terms with her Savior.

Surviving The Holidays After Loss

#Make a Difference #Grow Your Faith #Griefshare
Repost from 2017 - Last year I was facing the holidays as a widow, and “survival” help was what I desperately needed.

The Importance of Connection

#Grow Your Faith #Small Group #Columbia Campus
Sometimes it seems like no one could possibly understand what you’re going through—but then you join a small group. God is a pro at bringing [...]

The Miraculous Blessings of Prayerful Healing

#Healing #Grow Your Faith #prayer #Ghost Stories
Adapted from an interview with Micah Nichols Believing in God is to believe in the supernatural. So why do we often doubt God’s intervention in [...]

The Unrecognized Sides of Prejudice

#Grow Your Faith #Where's The Love #Unity #biracial
Sometimes we don’t realize the assumptions we make, the stereotypes we blindly accept, the divisions we create. In our Where’s the Love? series, we are [...]

Time to Renovate

#Grow Your Faith #Prayer and Fasting
I’m having a hard time concentrating. My husband is cutting out the fiberglass tub surround in the downstairs bathroom as I write (well, try to [...]

What I Didn’t Expect as a Mom

#Grow Your Faith #Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day! We would like to honor all the moms out there by sharing a few of their voices, their hearts…and their experiences—the small [...]

What To Do When You Face Divine Delays

#Grow Your Faith #Josh Surratt #Delays
Lead Pastor Josh Surratt shares a little history on Paul’s time in Caesarea and some perspective on tackling the divine delays in your own life.

When We Want to Ask Why

#Grow Your Faith
Yes, I was praying for God to save him, but the thought that kept going through my mind was ‘Please don’t let this cause me [...]

Worship Center Construction to Begin

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