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Kidscoast Worship Releases Second EP

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Kidscoast Worship is back with their second album, titled You Say. Seacoast Music collaborated on the album to release three new songs, all written by [...]

Seacoast Worship Releases “Fall On Us”

#Fall on Us #Seacoast Worship
The song faithfully declares that miracles still happen today and when we’re in God’s presence anything’s possible.

Seacoast Worship Releases “Greater”

#Ephesians 3:20 #Greater #Seacoast Worship
Since the early days of Seacoast, Ephesians 3:20 has been the closing benediction for every service. “Now to him who is able to do immesaurably [...]

Seacoast Worship Releases “How Beautiful”

#How Beautiful #Seacoast Worship
Seacoast Worship has released an incredible, celebratory song about the hope we have in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Seacoast Worship Releases “Lament”

#Seacoast Worship
“I think this song is going to bring a lot of freedom and peace to a lot of people who might not know how to [...]

Seacoast Worship Releases “Your Victory”

#easter #Seacoast Worship #Your Victory
"Your Victory" is an anthem for Easter, pointing our hearts and minds to the victory Jesus had over death and grave.

Tickets On Sale For Christmas Collective Live

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Enjoy a festive Friday evening at the gorgeous Gaillard Center for Christmas Collective Live!